Surrender Is Misleading

The word 'surrender’ is misleading. Mis-leading. It’s ONE step on the way, which may NOT take you there at all, but without surrender it won’t happen. It’s the moment when you’ve given up the chase, basically. Of everything. In normal language – you want nothing, don’t give a shit about anything, yourself included. All you … Continue reading Surrender Is Misleading

Awakening Starts From The Basics

Truth is uncomplicated and always the bottom line. ….the primeval Unknown – the Unknown of Death.. You dance in this world as you know it, but what’s ‘over there’? Don’t rely on what any tradition tells you, because the fact is – WE DON’T KNOW. That’s your primary fear. Don’t believe it? Wait till you … Continue reading Awakening Starts From The Basics

Liberation Into Truth

Not a poem, an exception to the rule.. It never comes from crumbling of external structures, those have already collapsed.. and what does it have to do with our individual life stories.. absolutely nothing, just pointers on the way.. It comes from a total assault from within, total collapse. Not even collapse of beliefs, ideas, … Continue reading Liberation Into Truth