Awakening Starts From The Basics

Truth is uncomplicated and always the bottom line.

….the primeval Unknown – the Unknown of Death.. You dance in this world as you know it, but what’s ‘over there’? Don’t rely on what any tradition tells you, because the fact is – WE DON’T KNOW. That’s your primary fear. Don’t believe it? Wait till you get a cancer diagnosis and watch your world crumble.

‘Self’ in your being exists no more than it does in the being of an ant. The only difference – the ant doesn’t think (create) it. Your life is no more meaningful than the life of an ant. That’s your secondary fear.

Ego. Without consciously facing the facts of your meaningless and perishable existence (the Futility) – you KNOW those at a very deep level. You frantically look for reasons (ego identities) to exist. Pick any, there are millions, or have them stuffed down your throat by the world.

…What did you say you wanted to be as a four year old? You just wanted to be, nothing more. Now, the weight of Ego feels a heavy cross. How? Go back into your body and mind for that niggling sensation, the Void, even when your world looks bright and cheerful. That’s ‘No-Self’ screaming against the heavy weight on top.

…. Suicide.. What’s wrong with suicide? Absolutely nothing. The act of checking out (unconsious for most) frightens the rest into the spectre of Futility. So suicide is branded as ’sin’, the ‘love of God’ is withdrawn. What kind of ‘God’ does that?

…It doesn’t. Life (you) is God and never withdraws. The Source of Wisdom in your purposeless and No-Self Being is INSIDE your Being Consciousness. So kill the Buddha, every one of them, they have nothing to teach you.

The Illusion.. after a sobbering up period you may begin to ENJOY the Illusion, with your eyes fully open to its peculiar expressions.. Let’s face it – there is NO ALTERNATIVE. It’s all that ever BE. And if you believe in reincarnation… I repeat.. that’s all that ever BE. Period.

Compassion.. a tricky one, if you are brainwashed to believe that selfless giving ALWAYS enriches.. Life energy has to flow. It’s ‘give and take’, or else it gets depleted at the Source. Compatible energies function at this principle: the flow of unconditional (no expectation) energy exchange. Sounds an oxymoron? Whatever. You KNOW it’s true… ever had the life sucked out of you, for all your selfless giving?

Love.. The dog doesn’t set out to be loving. When you accidentally stepped on its tail – it will bite – sincerely. And will forget about it – instantly. Anything and everything UNFOLDS in the dog universe, and the dog – BE in it. The dog – loves. In other words.. how you wash dishes is as much about love as how you treat your people. Love is EVERYTHING you are and be. Get it?

Purpose. Realising there really is none – will set you free, the struggle to find ‘it’ is gone. Find out what you want. In this lifetime and in this body. That will be your purpose, even if it’s just tending a vegetable garden at the back. Your purpose is what you love doing. Nothing else.

…. Lies. Enlightenment is not a steeplechase, not moments of Bliss, not a puzzle. Unneccessarily complicated ‘teachings’ made into a massive business.. Does it FEEL TRUE that transcendent people cannot feel anger or express it? Oh come on.. transcendent people are not mutants of humanity.. but they wouldn’t be inclined that way much. It takes a lifetime to get to Enlightenment.. really? Is there a rule which says that? Seeing ‘The Purple Eye’ or doing the astral travel is manifestation of being Enlightened? So you’ve travelled… can you SEE THE TRUTH?

Get to the truth… QUESTION every assumption, feel it RESONATE within or not. YOU are the only Authority. I’ve spent two intense, solitary years in the burning, all consuming passion to know. As it turned out Truth is simple… YOU, the Being….. – are THE BE ALL AND END ALL.

Life will become nothing like you’ve known. And it ain’t pretty, no fairies, no one to comfort you or extinguish this raging fire to know Truth. You truly are on your own from there on.

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  1. What’s is it that gives off the illusory feeling that memories, beliefs and emotions are a ‘self’ and what is it’s purpose for creating the illusion? Some say that it is consciousness hiding from itself out of boredom. Is this something that becomes clear after the awakening event?

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