Harsh True Nature Of Reality

People follow religious traditions believing this path will take them to Enlightenment. Well… they’ve got it backwards. They don’t question what Enlightenment IS and what it is they are TRULY after. Here is THE question which every person will ask themselves eventually..... what is the meaning of it all? What the hell am I doing … Continue reading Harsh True Nature Of Reality

Meditation Lies

Meditation will not take you anywhere, and you can spend decades chasing ‘internal peace’. If anything, meditation is about subjugation of energy, not for utilising  it for true potential.. Inside your body the energies (hormones) will rush, the blood will circulate taking them around. If you are anything like me – it will be there … Continue reading Meditation Lies

All Is Facebook: Perception Of Reality Beyond Limited Perspective

Everything is valid only in context. Anyone vague about spiritual answers – hasn't got a clue about the questions, has no idea what anything MEANS, or is trying to sell you something.. Answers to all, your questions are here, right in front of you, if you dare to look. So.. THE CONTEXT. Illusion Look at … Continue reading All Is Facebook: Perception Of Reality Beyond Limited Perspective