All Is Facebook: Perception Of Reality Beyond Limited Perspective

Everything is valid only in context. Anyone vague about spiritual answers – hasn’t got a clue about the questions, has no idea what anything MEANS, or is trying to sell you something.. Answers to all, your questions are here, right in front of you, if you dare to look.



Look at this often cited by spiritualists.. ‘All is Illusion’.

…feel the chair cushioning your ass.. the chair has a physical form, as I have a physical body. No one claims the chair isn’t really there.. Why then can it be called an illusion? Because…. PERCEPTION of it will vary from an organism to an organism.. dogs don’t seem to have colour vision, so will perceive the chair differently, while your sense of smell will make the dog think you are a retard. Look down at an ant in the grass, blissfully going on about its business.. It has no idea you are looking down at it, because its PERSPECTIVE (point of view) is limited. Which limits its perception too.

Subjective perception

Objective reality is dictated by subjective perceptions – yours, mine, dog, worm, tree, fish… in case of humans it will also be – subjective MENTAL perceptions in the form of thoughts. The emphasis is on the word ‘Objective’ , NOT on the word ‘reality’. Physical reality exists. Objective physical reality – does not. Get it?

REALITY does exist. OBJECTIVE reality doesn’t exist.. People take this statement as a non existence of physical form all together.. Confusing, huh.. which must mean that there is some miraculous supernatural force in place. So they instantly begin to look up to the sky for the external. Can you see the trap immediately created by No Context and taking everything literally?

Now, look at the word ‘illusion’ in its HUMAN world context, as in human life on this earth. The fairytales that people unconsioucly believe about themselves, about who they are, who everybody else around them is.. ever looked at another and had this feeling they are doing so much ‘better’ than you.. ever made those comparisons while checking out others on Facebook? Thankfully, I don’t have an account, never did and never will. Go back into that and remember that feeling again.. as if you are an impostor in this life? Everyone is doing better than me, she is more clever, pretty, happy, he has a nice family blah blah… Guess what… people are looking at you and thinking the same.

Life is one massive FACEBOOK. What’s there not to call an illusion? It does NOT exist outside your cranium. All bullshit, coming from the fact that you haven’t got a clue who you are, behind the facade. There are thousands of ghosts populating your head – past relationships, failed jobs, relatives that weilded power over you, concepts of philosophy, history, art, science; they all shape us into someting alien to our own essence. YOUR OWN. Distinctly different from that of others. Your essence translated into human world may be logic, or artistically creative, or a human calculator, or a beautiful voice, or a heart for kids, or legs for running, or a jungle adventurer. The rest are – what you are NOT, the externals… An illusion.


Another favourite, ‘Life is a Dream’… what’s there to say.. if you live someone else’s (your imaginary ‘you’) life – you are dreaming. So… still think you are a mother, a writer, a friend, a husband, a wine lover, a buglar, a brother, a .. whatever? ANY OF THOSE can disappear any second. What’s LEFT?

When Realisation hits you, you UNDERSTAND the layers of every meaning, from those shallow ones you touched upon before from your limited perspective, to the sharp view of what is – infinitely greater, there is no end to it, it will keep rolling. There is NO LIMIT to Consciousness, YOUR Consciousness.

Don’t equate Spiritual Awakening with metaphysics or mystical experiences, though they will play a part.. Spiritual is about breaking yourself down to basics and getting to that real thing – the truth of your OWN essence. Call it Spirit if you like.  Will hurt like hell, will destroy everything you hate AND everything you love. EVERYTHING YOU LOVE TOO!! Make no mistake about it, this one will be the hardest of all.

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8 thoughts on “All Is Facebook: Perception Of Reality Beyond Limited Perspective

  1. How would you describe the destruction of “everything you hate and everything you love”?

    1. Humans hate a lot of things. Lack of response or attention from others… control of social institutions and their representatives… feeling like a fake.. small and insignificant… thoughts of death and dying… own bodies and their limitations… own inability for self expression… past life events and memories of those… rejection and ridicule… struggling to survive.. irritating other humans and their interests… loss of personal power.. loss of ‘significant’ others.. loss of hope… incessant chatting of others..

      Humans also love a lot of things. Basking in the projected love of another… belief in collective Humanity capable of compassion… closiness of another human… important happy memories… feeling healthy… money, status and being in control… feelings of achievement.. personal quiet moments… making something work… a sense of connection to another…

      It is a long list, you can add your own. All of it goes, this is why the word ‘destruction’. All of it is a mental representation of a wish, or a mental representation of a dread, and neither are real. Imaginings.

      1. Thank you, this sums up a great deal of things I have been struggling with in mental life.

        Lately some of these have been affecting me less. Just by getting more real information about the way of things seems to make these ‘hates’ and ‘loves’ less significant… I notice them more often in the act, more often than before now I can drop the act without much pain, loss of hope in getting my wish fulfilled also plays a role. It’s quite painful and can make me feel alone. Not in the sense of having no one, but really alone, and realizing what I always wished and was sure to find someday, may never come.

        I struggle much with building a career in this state. I came to the conclusion that I must do it if I want any decent living. That is, no parasiting on others, no shitty low-paid job, something I can actually have fun with. But my confusion is so big that I have no damn clue what I am cut out for. Everything has pro’s and con’s. And this in combination with my delusions drives me nuts about what to do and what I really care about.

        I’m amazed with how clear your writing is most of the times, how you show the true and realistic meaning of blown-up spiritual terms. It’s so strange how delusions can pretty much start living a life on their own, spreading from brain to brain, lurking in the dark.

        Some teachers(Ken Wapnick here specifically) say that ‘there is no body, there is no world out there, the world is a lie, you made up the body’ things of the like. This still confuses me, you said ”you are the body and the mind supported by the body”. That pretty much implies a world?

        I don’t see what they mean. They seem to stress that it is quite literally, no world, no body. Michael Leavitt said we truly are formless eternal awareness, or a void, and it’d be literally behind the body. What the hell? How do you not take that mystically?

        1. You neither deny mystical experiences, but would you say something of the likes that it is the brain processing or hyper activation? If so how could the mind be unlimited, the brain must have limit, however might not be possible to explore each single state in one lifetime. There are about 100 billion neurons in the brain, which clearly can fire at a miraculous amount of combinations, but there must be a limit in activation.

          So are all mystical experiences brain created? Then are they illusions?

          Could you equate mystical experiences to the taking of large quantities of LSD or DMT? Might the same areas be activated, but now naturally so it functions as a processing tool?

          I had weird experiences, but mystical? No. God consciousness? No. Getting sick of reading about it, actually it doesn’t help at all it only raises questions that seem to have no answer. Sometimes I just think to take the DMT so I know what the hell everyone’s so hyped about. But you said it, it -probably- won’t bring me more understanding.

          Considering all this, what is there to find but states of Mind?

          1. I do not deny the phenomena of mystical experience. They exist. I do not agree with branding them ‘mystical’. The only reason they are perceived as ‘mystical’ is because the humans who experience them – are unable to engage their rational minds in order to see what exactly had occurred.

            Every such experience is the brain’s production, and yes, as such – an illusion. However, they are real in a sense that – THEY TOOK PLACE, and therefore, existed for that short period of time.

            You can call them real, but ephemeral and so not that significant. I have had a fair share, but do not understand why humans gets so attached to those experiences. Jim Carrey comes to mind.

            God consciousness.. a pretty phrase, means nothing, if one considers there is no God and consciousness is VERY overrated.

            You are correct in asking yourself if the mind is unlimited. It is, because it can come up with an unlimited number of scenarios and mental experiences. But as you noted – a human will only live through a fraction of those scenarios, because human life is short.

        2. I wrote this article literally a week after the ‘Big Bang’. It is raw, unedited, but looking at it now I can see that it does not need editing: what I wrote then – still stands.

          It has an emotional edge though. I was in a state of awe and shock at what had transpired.

          “I struggle much with building a career in this state. I came to the conclusion that I must do it if I want any decent living.”

          Unfortunately, only the crooks get something for nothing, and even they have to put in the hours. But it is an illusion to think that you will always have fun if you love the job. Even the most exciting job becomes simply a chore after a while.

          Imagine, for instance, a skydiving job. Seems exciting to do a few jumps, but imagine the thoughts of your skydiving instructor on his bad day… hmmm… ‘Another fat ass to get myself strapped to”. Etc etc.

          The reality is any repeated occupation sucks the life out of a human.

          You will get naturally drawn to something, but getting the skills developed in that ‘something’ takes effort, perhaps, unavoidably.

          Ken Wapnick… is that the chap who promoted ACIM, a half digested Christianized version of the Eastern mysticism? No body hey….. AND no mind? Well, the boys get carried away with own cleverness. Jed says ‘No world, but there is mind’. This chap says ‘No world, no mind’.

          Who got it right?

          I say: body, mind, world, here now, not perfectly perceived, but perfectly existing. My sense of being-ness (the body perception) and my sense of rationality (mind perception) tell me so, and why would I argue with something so natural and so spontaneous?

          And needless to say there will be none of body/mind/world when you die. There will be none for you, but the world will carry on. The boys are getting a bit ahead of themselves.

          I feel disappointed that Jed, with all his intellect, had swallowed a ‘no world’ SPIRITUAL DUD without examining it a bit closer. After all, ‘enlightenment’ means shedding light on artefacts of human existence.

          Such a spiritual zoo.

          “Michael Leavitt said we truly are formless eternal awareness, or a void, and it’d be literally behind the body. What the hell? How do you not take that mystically?”

          I do not take this mystically, because it is nonsense. There are no mysteries. There is incomplete information on every phenomenon considered a ‘mystery’. Once the information comes into the light of awareness – the mystery disappears.

          Now, note ‘the light of awareness’ expression.. sounds groo-oovy’ hey? I will translate it into normal, non-spiritual language…

          “‘Once the information or facts about a situation or topic become known – the mystery disappears.”

          That’s how humans fool humans – through using language in ways that keep the mystery over the ordinary.

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