Meditation Lies

Meditation will not take you anywhere, and you can spend decades chasing ‘internal peace’. If anything, meditation is about subjugation of energy, not for utilising  it for true potential.. Inside your body the energies (hormones) will rush, the blood will circulate taking them around. If you are anything like me – it will be there no matter what. Breathe. Stretch your body really really tight. Dance if the mood takes you. Let it all run inside faster, let it reach your brain and dissolve into whatever function it’s there to perform. The body is absolutely marvelous, it KNOWS what it needs.

I contemplated why meditation took the form it did… What do you think the Buddha was doing under that tree (we don’t even know he existed, but let’s assume, for the sake of the argument, that he did)? Do you think he was ‘emptying his mind’? No. The guy set himself a task to UNDERSTAND everything of this life. He contemplated by asking himself questions and finding the answers. Searching for the Truth. Then a bunch of devotees came in and turned everything into a show. A man sitting under a tree for forty whatever days in silence – must be surely relaxing. h people love to turn everything into a dogma, a teaching… The fact is (again, assuming the chronicles are true) that he tried EVERY THING going, before collapsing into his tree sitting activity. None of it worked. The ONLY thing that worked – his own enquiry. HIS OWN QUESTIONING. He wasn’t ‘emptying his mind’. He was using his Mind as a tool, the only thing it’s designed to be.

An empty space is not a space without thoughts, forget this, it’s a lie.. Thoughts will be there regardless, and even when you observe them passively.. they will do everything to drag you back into Unconsciousness, the little monologues and dialogues people constantly run inside their heads. An empty space is where you’ve lost every belief in every concept in the world. DISILLUSIONED. Connect the dots? The language itself gives a clue, if people have capacity to really look deep. Disillusioned. Everything is gone. An empty cleared of the garbage of mental conditioning from the world.

Meditation will not give you that. Meditation will not take people where they are heading – to the breakdown of themselves. The only thing that will explain it to you – pain of unbelievable proportions. Meditation is a dope to keep one securely in the illusion of ‘serenity’ and ‘getting there’.

Sure, no ‘guru’ will tell you that you need to burn down to ashes before Life takes you back up. It’s all nicey nicey in the world of conventional spirituality = a lie. It will keep the gig going for thousands of years… as it has done already.

Note: The photo is of the small Buddha statue I picked up from the ground in an abandoned garden centre in England. It looks even more meaningless now than it looked back then.

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3 thoughts on “Meditation Lies

  1. meditation is a lie, but what does not lie? i think talking yourself into truth can be just as misleading. until “An empty space is where you’ve lost every belief in every concept in the world” everything is a lie. i feel it’s something that carries you toward this brutal honesty, i don’t know how to call it, but to me it’s the same engine behind whatever path you take.
    when i look inside, waiting for a real me impulse, there’s nothing coming out, no need, no nothing. and in the same time i’m aware of it being just another image. it’s like mirrors reflecting mirrors.
    why am i writing this? i don’t know, maybe because you somehow remind me of my late teacher, and she favored meditation.
    ug said in his books “find your own question”. questions come to me either in meditation or in daydream pondering (i’d rather say meditation is a tool to make the question clearer) – but which one is mine?

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