Harsh True Nature Of Reality

People follow religious traditions believing this path will take them to Enlightenment. Well… they’ve got it backwards. They don’t question what Enlightenment IS and what it is they are TRULY after.

Here is THE question which every person will ask themselves eventually….. what is the meaning of it all? What the hell am I doing in this world and why? Some will ask early enough, some – later on in life, and for some it will only come in the last moments of life. Yep. This question WILL get you, whether you like it or not. The last few breaths before you die – is a bit too late. Ask – well in advance of this significant day.

You may decide not to bother. True nature of Reality is unbelievably harsh, and Enlightenment is not about a pretty glowing ball of light. True reality is devoid of love and compassion and emotion, a dark place. There is nothing humane in there, when one sees to the very basics. If you have a comfortable life, and the voice of discontent is not too loud – do not seek Truth. There is NOTHING PRETTY about it. At All. I understood that too well now. But what you WILL gain after this initial shock – an unbelievable appreciation of Life. Sounds as a paradox, but Enlightenment is all about paradoxes, no kidding.

So… if you still want to go there (most likely because Life has you by the throat)…. you don’t become a fish by strapping on the fins and hoping it will give you giblets to swim underwater. MEANING ……………… you don’t meditate, follow a practice, pray, go to church blah blah blah – without understanding the nature of reality FIRST. Otherwise all you are doing is strapping on the fins. You are simply immitating something. Don’t you think it’s kind of silly to believe that if you paint black stripes on your body – you will become a tiger? What is the difference between doing that and chanting, taking up the Buddha pose,  wearing orange robes or taking the Holy Commnion? Just be honest and ask yourself… why are you doing all this? What are you wanting, really?

The practice will come in later, AFTER, as a conscious choice. You choose not to be an animal. CONSCIOUSLY. That choice might feel mightily uncomfortable, going against your true nature, most people have no idea what their TRUE nature is.

That choice is what Divnity is all about.

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4 thoughts on “Harsh True Nature Of Reality

  1. Nicely said.Bodhidharma said something along those lines too and I think it’s something almost all seekers lack when ‘starting’ the journey.Something (if not exactly that) like the First Step of which JMK talks.
    Thanks for the reminder

    1. You are welcome.
      I’m not sure what that First Step was for me, and Jed never told me about his. All stories now, not important.

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