Animal Origins of Humanity and Awakening

Before we can love Life and all in it, we have to SEE it for WHAT IT IS. Or else it’s a fallacy, the same as saying ‘I love this new dress I ordered’, while never having opened the box in which it arrived. A life of an idealist is that of a fool’s paradise which clashes with Reality. It does as much damage as the worst of tyranies – it keeps people enslaved in the bubble, unhappy, discontent and strapped to the past and illusion. Yet.. people prefer Darkness (blindness) to Light (clear vision). Or perhaps they don’t ‘prefer’ it, they simply don’t know it can be so very different. EVERYTHING becomes different once the eyes are fully open.

It becomes free.

Our basic nature is that of a true, wild life animal. True compassion and unconditional love are alien in an animal, humans included. That’s another split in the fabric of Reality. If the opposite were true, we would be selflessly putting the needs of others before our own all the time. The majority of people derive a sense of personal satisfaction from kind deeds, hardly a ‘no reward’ selfless giving… Just ask yourself how many people you know that are able to perform acts of love – anonymously, without a recipient being aware where it comes from. Even more, how many would be able to do that over the course of a lifetime. In the context of human lives true unconditional love – is near non existent. People settle for various degrees of ‘less’… who can blame them.

It’s a Unicorn.

Maternal ‘love’ is no exception. Maternal instinct is not love, to believe that is to fool ourselves. I’ve seen mother alligators being extremely nurturing and tender with the eggs. Would you honestly call it ‘true love’? Look around at relationships that exist between mothers and children. Observe the unconscious game to control the offspring. There is nothing conscious in an instinct.

Animals who were given an ability to CREATE. So they’ve created an ugly upscaled version – of an animal world. An Animal Farm. Animals who don’t know they have a CHOICE. The Mind asleep, the Heart shut, The Body – on a rampage. The Holy Trinity of Humanity.

There is nothing ‘mystical’, other worldly in Awakening, and no elevated, out of body experience will take you there. It’s about seeing Truth, in everything around, from your own relationships to those of people and organisations to the entirity of this world and beyond. Want to levitate?…. You’ll come down with a thud.

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