Gods Of Delusion Smashed


 I’ve paid my dues to the gods of delusion – in full.

An evolved Sun is truly not concerned with leaving a mark, desires no recognition. No dent has been left in Reality of this existence – by anyone. Tutankhamun, a boy king, remembered for… THE MASK. As spectacular as it is ( I saw it in Cairo many years ago) >>>>>>>>>> ironic. A material artefact leading to incidental fame. The lightbulb invention and Theory of Relativity belong in the artefact category too. I doubt Einstein cares about any of it now. Perished in the same way a stray dog does.

Supreme Intelligence knows this and knows its own insignificance from such a far away place that no human concept can cover it. Not ‘a drop in the ocean’, this reduction to the lesser….  I AM the Ocean. I know with certainty only two things… I BE. I will die. The Humankind stubbornly refuses to accept cold facts, despite hundreds of thousands of years >>>>>>>>> living and dying those facts. Immortality of Consciousness is a matter of belief. Everything dies, nothing goes uninterrupted. Death is eternal, Life – is not. In my Consciousness (Universe) anything is possible, everything comes to life, the only true Reality we have. In only that sense – we are immortal and All and Nothing. I leave no trace in the world. I walk unnoticed, although the irony of it, again.. I’m very much noticed here, hahaha

It will end:)

..Humanity is born in the dark sellar, not out in the sunshine. ‘War’ and ‘soul’ and ‘God’ and ‘Darkness’ and ‘Light’ and ‘Love’ are fearful terms, masking as noble ‘truths’. Universe, the TRUE Universe – is empty. VERY empty. It has no concern for the man made world. The life of a human…. is worth nothing. Including yours and mine. But it doesn’t make one more cruel. True IS-ness can’t abuse. It makes for compassion, the real one, not the pretence of a soup kitchen. If everyone knew this kind of compassion – the world would not need any soup kitchens.The compassion of not using people to achieve own pitiful agenda. Humankind as a whole will NEVER transcend, that is clear as daylight to me. Jesus… Buddha… current guys pacifist missionary attempts to break into Collective Subconscious….. all laughable. I saw the Blueprint. You can’t beat it.

I have no beliefs.

The indesputable reality of Death has taught me to seek only one thing in Life – Joy. This comes in many forms. Sure, I have preferences… to have a roof over my head rather than sleep in a cave… to eat rather than starve.. to be healthy rather than in pain.. Money is the means (a tool) of maintaining those preferences, no more.

We will all express the true nature of us, whether individual Consciousness is elevated or dwells below, feel no need to defend your choices and the ‘who’ of you.  You are enough already, and perfect in that. Whole-istic, not holy-istic.

…came across this…  when Po-Chang was asked to define Zen he replied:

‘When hungry, eat, when tired, sleep’

The essence of existence… he didn’t include ‘fuck’ in it.
No one gets Zen, least of all lives it.

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