Settled. All of it. ALL of it.

That’s how it ends so. The Search, the questions, the trust, the not knowing what to do with all this new vision… it ends in Peace and Being. And do I really need or want a blog now? Words don’t seem to come so easily, I write this and hesitate, because there is nothing to say. Only Life. Only ‘Is’ left.

I have nothing to say to Jed Mckenna, or to Mark (in the same way they have nothing for me to listen to).. these distant virtual companions of mine for the past few years. True, but not real, only the apparitions made up of ones and zeros, I don’t know them, have never known, never will, because Truth doesn’t destroy the costumes, and the veils will be worn, ah.. don’t we all murmur superficial gibberish to one another, carefully concealing the inner worlds that consume our waking lives… and not SEEN by ANYONE. How odd, the only important feature of our existence, the One and Only Inner Universe in need of tender loving care – neglected.

And I feel a sense of Boredom. Bored, for all the earthly toys, including own oscillation around the Inner Centre (read ‘human drama’), all varnished, and nothing came in to replace that. All the beaches in the world have been seen. Bored.

The Key has been found, and thrown away, and it could not be simpler. Truth is irreducible.

Ah what to do…

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