The Ultimate Reality?

What is ultimate Reality?

The Ultimate Reality should probably include some of the following: God or a various assortment of Deities, Incarnation, Clairvoyance, chatting with the Diseased, alien abductions or… ah whatever, complete the list yourself, it’s not the point.

Or should it not?

The Ultimate Reality – does not exist. Never did, except in the overactive imagination of human Minds. Plenty of those minds have good reasons for being overheated. Personal survival is no trivial matter in the jungle of Life out there.

All that exists, has always existed and will always exist – is right under one’s nose.

WHAT IS. Here, Right now, Staring at you. May be – your current training/learning. May be – difficulties in your (non)existent relationship, may be – your illness or even imminent departure from this world all together…. This is the awfully sad and also life affirming Realisation of Truth… there is nothing beyond what is staring us right in the face, in all its messiness, complexity, beauty, cruelty, delights, disappointments etc. etc… all here, never wnt anywhere, never hid from us.

We have just been doing a pretty damn good job of hiding – from it. Reality. Of. Life. As. Is.

When I got that a year ago, on the wave of all other mind boggling understandings… it felt tentatively unbelievable and even sickening.. I’d been ‘in the chase’ for only two years prior, but people waste their LIFETIMES going after what is essentially – another fairytale, except with the purple ribbons and a promised Nirvana.

Since then – no unicorn specimen graced me with its presence, and no God (other than my own being) told me otherwise.. but my Life has changed beyond whatever I thought possible.

I appreciate that the Simplicity of this vision is not what people are generally after. Unicorns are so much more enticing than seeing Truth. I have no plan. Life has THE plan, it’ll all unfold in its own timed way, and will keep unfolding. I am grateful (sometimes to tears) to be given Clarity, instead of the fog that used to plague my Consciousness, and still does millions of innocent beings out there.

Until no more. I always remember, every day. Until – no more.

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Reality?

  1. Hello. I am wondering how in regard to this article of yours you will comment on Jed’s book “Theory of everything”?

    1. I don’t remember the details. I remember a lot of conceptual offerings, which sounded good at the time, but now make no sense.

      The man was trying to find an explanation, to place his undersranding into a verbal form. As we know – it fails every time, instead confusing the masses even further.

      People expressed that they don’t quite grasp what I write either. However, for those few who broke through the mental barrier – it is clear as daylight.

      Go figure.

      1. I keep reading your blogs because this enlightenment thing is kinda alienating both for me, the people and the world around me. All alone yet not lonely. The only true freedom beyond all purported freedoms.

        1. When one sees the world in a very colourful 3-D rendering, with many levels and understandings and contexts, while it is black and white 2-D for the rest – sure, it will have the effect of alienation.

          I wouldn’t worry about it. Live and let others live on their own level. Vision or no vision – we are all moving in the same direction – towards the grave.

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