Glorified Monkeys

This was inspired by a short exchange with someone and the comment they made:

‘I think faster than I type too. That’s why I’ve talked about these interactions in real time. Getting all the quirks and pleasures of being person to person. It won’t happen. We are all spread across the world here which I think is pretty damn neat. We do our best to communicate in this fashion. It’s not been a total failure playing with the words and if anything I become more and more clear on Who I Am with every interaction.’

I watched a few extremely well done documentaries about Auroville in India. At some point in the not so distant past I wanted to meet some folks who SEEM to have the same Knowing and see beyond the everyday mundane survival issues, unlike the majority.

Until two things occured.

First…. I realised that everyday survival IS basically all there is to life.

The only purpose of life is to carry on existing for as long as possible, before Death claims it.

I could expand this statement in thousands of words, but if one hasn’t gotten ‘there’ on a DNA level – it would be a waste of breath.

Second…. I realised that the Human Brain is a functionally faulty, deceased creation UNABLE to evolve beyond a point where it clearly sees own deficiencies and the price that comes with them. There is a biological ‘ceiling’ to how far human brains can go, after that – nothing. Humans are nothing but glorified monkeys, myself included. There has to be an incidence of a very strong genetic mutation to occur – which could change the course of evolution on earth. But that in itself would take hundreds of thousands of years.

As species, in two million years of existence we haven’t moved an inch inside our craniums. I marvel in awe at how this has been going on in circles, from ancient Indian scriptures to Plato to European 18th century philosophers to the hippie movement of the 1960s to New Advaita – all about the same sh*T.

Auroville and any other such ‘communities’ are a doomed enterprise, have failed over and over again and will always fail. Like ‘The Beach’, which could not be sustained because humans see Form, aspire to Form, are enthralled by Form.

But Emptiness is where it all comes from.

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