Enlightenment, Alan Walker And Trance Music

Jed McKenna once said this to me: “Endlessly entertaining, but then, that applies to everything.” to which I replied “Not everything”.

And Jed said “Really?” and I said “Really”.

Not everything is entertaining in the Dream. Jed has no responsibilities and has the means to entertain Self in the playground. But not everything is, and taking The Oblivion Pill will not destroy the harsh facts. Physical pain – is not. Knowing one will die – is not. Extreme poverty and no way of getting out of it – is not. Living in a war zone – is not.

One takes it on the chin and gets on with life… but not all is bliss. Every strand of spirituality, past and present, has been pushing the denial and Self hypnosis of Mind in order to pacify humans, away from Truth.

This is the reason why I stand alone, with no affiliation or connection to fake movements of No Self, No Ego, No Separation, All-Is-Love. Spiritual brainwashing of both modern and millenia old strands is covert and cunning, promissing Liberation… from what? From Reality of Existence which NO ONE ever got liberated from.

The dance tune below was written by Alan Walker and is called ‘Faded’.. The lyrics version of it has nearly a billion views. Listen to it carefully. It is not about a state of bliss, but quite the opposite. Trance music is about – ABANDONMENT, in the face of The Dream. Humans unconsciously feel what is and how they will exit this world one day. They know about the ultimate meaningless of everything they are, do, achieve, enjoy. Everything must go one day, in Boundless Nothingness.

Alan Walker is a kid born in England, only 20. He is a Virgo, the earthly energy of Real perception v. Ideal mental evaluation. Virgos tend to be extremely critical exactly because they see a disconnect between Reality As Is, and Reality As Imagined.

Perhaps, Alan is not aware of what he writes, but manifestation of one’s inner nature takes place regardless of whether one is being conscious of it. His is the music of cold despair. Most humans are not even aware what attracts them to trance.

4 thoughts on “Enlightenment, Alan Walker And Trance Music

  1. I’ve had a while of listening a lot to all sorts of EDM and was in the scene a lot. I felt like the most popular songs in parties were the ones that had similar vibe as this song.

    How’d you come to the conclusion that Virgos ”tend to be extremely critical exactly because they see a disconnect between Reality As Is, and Reality As Imagined”? Just from general horoscope, or by own experience? I’m also Virgo and do recognize the critical part though I am not immune to idealized ideas of reality and am definitely not free of them at all times.

    Have been noticing a weird effect lately. Sometimes I can be hours or even days lost in ‘Story Mode’. Where I am mainly living in my head. It is usually times where I speak a lot with others or have to take care of life-things. And then suddenly I switch out of that to ‘Reality Mode’. Then I am back with the sensory input and more realistic knowledge. I feel like my awareness then increases, but I then also notice how little I know about it, and how many questions I still have.

    1. Both general and experience. You guys tend to overthink everything, and as a result get driven around the bend with own minds. Get the perfectionist streak to go with it and viola! a recipe for a nervous breakdown.

      Sure your ideals do not measure up to Reality. Whachagonnado?

      1. No they don’t. I still have them though, and I’m not going to do anything, I suppose. All I’ve done so far is be sad and scared about it.

        I thought I had too much empathy, but I see now that it is just fear. Fear of all the horror that is out there. My mind has been haunted ever since I knew about them. In high school my classmates were very excited to visit an old torture dungeon and look at the tools. All I wanted was to leave I felt much out of place amongst my gore-loving fellow kids. Up till today I don’t understand why people get so excited about this horror. Well I did find some answers for why they love gore.

        – (Morbid) curiosity to learn what can happen to a human (human nature and frailty)
        – Self protection: reduce undesirable states of uncertainty, examining dangers that could threaten one’s survival, also decreased sensitivity to shocking events
        – Experience the excitement of fear, without being in real danger
        – Appreciate own safety
        – More realistic news source (knowing what’s really happening out there)
        – Increased awareness of own aliveness

        After a couple of days these were the answers I found in several articles. It once again seems to be instinct that attracts people to this. Morbid curiosity is actually a thing. Never heard of it before. I suppose I have it too, because I do have the urge to rubberneck at accidents or something, but I make the conscious decision to just walk away. Point seems to be that humans now indulge in it and it seems to have lost its true purpose: self-protection and gaining knowledge of possible harmful situation.

        1. Sure. You are digging in the right direction, all good points. Reality is stark. Seeing that without rose-coloured glasses – is the first step towards sanity.

          And you know… sanity is begrudgingly comfortable. It’s like hey!!! you know the blanket has holes in it, but it’s the only blanket you have, and the night is cold, so may as well use the blanket.

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