The Lie of ‘Never Born – Never Die’

At some point I will create a page devoted specifically to Jed McKenna. Since bumping into him here in SE Asia and then discovering the true nature of the man beyond his books and his online presence – my realization of how things REALLY are and just how much the ‘enlightenment gig’ is a lie – has deepened considerably. Everything written by me in the past year or so has been testament to deepening in Clarity and seeing what is.

Self, Truth Realization, Enlightenment – are non existent imaginary dreams, well packaged and sold by many different ‘teachers’. Sitting in front of the computer and dispensing wisdom certainly beats 12 hour shifts in a factory or headaches of working in a call centre or even running own business. As for Jed.. well, he enjoys red wine, riding a dirtbike and Asian working girls, they are cheap here.

Right. Let’s go back to the title of this post. The statement ‘What I am is never born and so never dies’ has been repeated on and on by snake oil spiritual sellers, especially of the modern day non duality paradigm. Let’s examine it, and all I write is written from direct experience, not by way of logical conclusion. But words are all we have, so here goes…

‘Never born – never dies’ sentence is baseless, misleading and serves as a Terror Management Theory.

First, it is baseless because there is no ‘universal awareness’ outside the body. The body houses a human consciousness, and with it – awareness. A baby is conceived and at some point the fetus has enough of a developed central nervious system to begin to aware. It happens inside the womb, long before the baby is born. It happens in the same way a worm will become aware. The only difference is humans also have the capacity to become SELF aware. This is what separates us from the animals. Human Awareness does not precede the body. If one doubts that, they only need to ask themselves ‘Where was me at the time when the pyramids were being built?’

Second, it is misleading because humans take the statement from so called ‘enlightened’ beings literally, as some evidence that there is eternal life. How good does it sound – never dies, huh??….. Pretty good if you ask me, and who wouldn’t wish for that, right? But this is no more than a conscious (and occasionally unconscious) marketing trick, a promise of something when for a truly self realized there exists nothing to be realized. But it is hard to sell ‘nothing’ in its base form. ‘Nothing’ doesn’t sell. Trinco Cemetery

Third, it serves as a Terror Management Theory, because an overwhelming majority of  humans are uncomfortable at the thought of own impending physical Death. Let’s make it clear… there is no evidence of survival of individual Consciousness, no one has ever come back to report. Countless humans perished with no recall… how hard is it to not see the obvious? Apparently, very hard, beliefs and wishful thinking have a tight grip on Humankind.. humans want to believe the fairytale and invest their energy into the non existent as a way of comforting themselves.

There are also two other, purely mental aspects to the statement ‘never born – never die’. First, Self The Character has no identifiable properties, cannot be found anywhere. Show me the Character… it exists in one’s imagination and nowhere else. From that perspective it doesn’t exist at all. Logically it seems then… it was never born. Logically then… what was never born – can never die.

But logic, this by-product of Human Mind is NOT Reality, because Human Mind itself is not Reality. The Reality is that all will perish. No exceptions. We are all slowly moving in the same direction – towards the grave.

Second, a human is unborn, because anything, absolutely ANYTHING you have ever done here on this planet – is meaningless. You will be gone, there will be no trace of you, and even for those whose names echo in history.. what do they care? They are dead, no trace left of their existence, other than some dusty books. At the moment of one’s Death a human is retroactively UNBORN. None of it ever happened. Your life has never happened. You never happened.

This needs to be integrated on a cellular level, to stop one indulging in fantasies of ‘never born-never die’. In the meantime.. think of all those who benefit from the said and the ways in which they benefit.. and then live their lives to the full.

Don’t be a fool. Live your life as if there is no tomorrow. It is the only one you will ever have.

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10 thoughts on “The Lie of ‘Never Born – Never Die’

  1. I am for some time now, maybe a year and a half, constantly contemplating death and, although the field changes constantly and I discover many new intersting points of view from which death can be looked at, my life didnt change for the better and I dont feel myself understanding it deeper.In short, I still DONT BELIEVE IT.Lately I came to think that even death awareness isnt that easy and may not be a journey of merely contemplating it until you feel it in your bones.
    It seems strange to me that obsessing over death for that time didnt make me get it or believe it.I have nothing against death and I dont hold any spiritual belief.Yet…I find myself not believing it and the reason I think I cant is because death puts forth many questions regarding personal identity that seem to need an answer before this understanding can move forward.Questions that seem to be a mix of logic, reality and imagination.
    For example the thing you touch upon here.Never born, never die.
    If I am this thing that came into the world, but more correctly stated, from the world, made out of its ellemets and rules, what distinguishes me from other people.I was born in the same way as the egyptian 4000 years ago and I perform the same function as him.From the point of view of an indentity, it seems like the same human is born again and again.
    I wasnt here before the day I was born and I wont be here the day after I die.Yet…the fact of this sameness of the human machine seems to hold back the realization ( believing as a certain fact) of the end.From the point of view of imagination, I will live even after my death, as other people who will be born again, given the fact that in essence, when it comes to personal identity, we are all the same machine performing the same function.But again, in a way we re not, since I wasnt here when the egyptian was.
    (Maybe this type of dead end stems only from the impossiblity of imagining nothingness.You know, like I try to imagine how it is to be dead.Obviosuly I cant and mind is going places)
    This kind of thinking, which elicits more or less the exact never born, never die-feeling, holds back the death-believing.A mixture of faulty logic and imagination, even for people who, as myself, dont have and even despise spiritual beliefs, holds back the reality of dying.
    Seems to me that personal identity plays an important role in a picture of life that includes death as the indisputable end.
    So in essence what I understood is that even death cant be believed so easily until the way is cleared off of certain beliefs and ideas about life, that are not necessarily spiritual.. in the common sense at least.A thing to consider the next time I tend to blame people for not accepting death.
    Some people I think take the presence of death for a fact, but only to come back to life and ejoy it as they can.Like an agenda (something like the reckless people we see in movies who once accepted death give no fuck about anything including their own lives) coming not from thinking and clearing the faulty beliefs but from a desire to fastly put an end to life s confusion.A tendency I feel too and push against.
    Another thing I discovered Is that even death can be used as a cozy belief.A strange thing the mind is able to cling to but it gives one some certainty.And it is a powerfull certainty when it comes to restling with life.Probably even sweeter than god.

    Anyway, I layed some ideas that are passing through lately.The never born,never die type of feeling sticks on my mind these day.

  2. I speak from experience and Reality,not from human imagination or logic. Imagination and logic can play around the ‘idea’ of Death, but Death itself is an occurance that takes place regardless.

    You are correct in many of your points. Yes, Death is hard to believe and hard to integrate within because none of us have any personal experience of it. Yes, as part of the human race you are no different, better or worse than any other human and so ‘in a way’ you continue on long after your mortal remains had decayed.

    Neither of those remove the fact that your individual consciousness will not survive, and anything known as ‘you’ now – will be no more at Death.

    I had Death Realization at age 8, and then at 40 which changed my perception of Life forever and has followed me ever since. It was literally that ‘feel in your bones’ experience, both physical and mental.. what happened to Ramana at 16.

    The title of my post is what ‘gurus’ like to present as wisdom. If anything – this takes humans away from Reality of existence and seeing it with Clarity.

  3. Out of curiosity, are you a hundred percent certain that when you die thats it, end of the line, forever?In the light of what you have discovered, enlightenment.Does this come with the certainty of death?…Or…what is death for you, really ?
    You said you have an awareness of it, how is that manifesting, how does it come for you?

  4. I am certain.

    What Death is for me… One cannot know Death directly, but can realise what it means. You will fall into Boundless Emptiness and will not even know, because there will be no one to know anymore.

    I drop into a state of ‘no me’, absence of me – every few weeks and months. This is the Absolute where nothing exists, no movement, no life. I don’t know why this happens, but it has been the reality of my existence since that very first time when I encounted the fact of own demise at 8. I simply saw with absolute Clarity that I am mortal, and one day it will be – no more. It was very scary then.

    Jed told me it was a blessing to know Death so intimately, but it is not a feature of his world now.

    Look around you.. humans live as if they are immortal.

    Death is a switch. On. Off.

  5. I look and recently understood how people who cant stretch their mind to believe some spiritual concept deal with death.They take it at face value for the comfort.
    Like a pseudo-acceptance of death since they first dont have a picture of what it means, two, they still go on with living as if death doesnt exist, and third they are still afraid to talk about it, picture it or acknowledge it.And everyone who feels inclined to talk about it is seen as crazy or weird.

    Its a mind bogling and confusiong sensation, when I talk with people and through their behaviour and words I sense their feeling of immortality.

    The recipe for a nevrotic way of life.

  6. Your second paragraph is what takes place out there. I call this ‘The Oblivion Pill’.

    I am yet to meet a human, enlightened or not (and none are in Reality), who can be entirely honest about ackowledging own Death WITHOUT making up a pretty story around it.

    All talk about ‘never born never dies’ belongs in the realm of pretty stories, born out of innate, unprocessed in Consciousness fear.

  7. Yep, the cozyest and most certain oblivion pill.I picture it as a suspended life.Suspendend in a faceless confusion and doubt.

    I remember once asking jed something about death and getting the same answers.The real me never born so never dead.I dont know how its on the other side, enlightened, but I feel this would be too a transcendental concept.Even if truest in its own sense, but not really existing in reality, outside of a metaphisical frame.

  8. If Death is something which bothers you – explore it in full. There is nothing in the end of this search, but Death may be your door to taking off the blindfold to see that.

    However, without ‘dying’ psychologically – the vision will remain in the realm of intellectual understanding, no more.

    The Oblivion Pill is the pill of denial, your suggestion of a ‘suspended life’ is not quite accurate. Humans in that state (Jed included) have created a convenient lie. Their version of ‘paradise’ is not true, but provides a level of comfort which allows enjoyment of life. But a lie nevertheless.

    As for Jed McKenna…. he is spending ‘enlightenment’ money on bar girls here in Cam. What is presented online – is not his Reality as he lives it day to day. He couldn’t give a shit about enlightenment, but the revenues do count. No one knows this, not even those very few who had met him in his role of a ‘teacher’.

    Everyone has some form of attachment, Jed McKenna is no exception to the rule.

  9. In the beginning I tried to contemplate death, in many ways that would put me in front of it, but now I m not so sure how to proceed anymore.

    Lately I have some mini spikes of death awareness when irrespective of what was I thinking death comes forth in a more real and authentic way than before.

    In essence death contemplation I think its like a personal development affirmation,or mantras…things Im not very fond of… pounding this knowledge into my head with the hope of a new perspective, a new way of life and perception and certainty about life.

    I could go on and do the same but it feels fake, however true death might be outside of my head.It feels like a voluntary strenghtening of a belief over time, the belief in death.Which might even create a nice experience or awareness over time, or might even lead to something true that wasnt present and couldnt be predicted at the beginning.

    But the reason death contemplation feels fake is because I dont know beforehand, intelectualy, logically, that death is the real end.Its like Im fabricating an awareness of death, starting with the belief in it but without the proper certainty to rest it on. And to know that would mean a bigger line of analysing…what am I, what is life, death, reality…the full spectrum of what the hell am I living.

    Im between two things now…contemplation and inquiry, both about death but dont know which should come first.

    In regards to humans in general, I imagine our lives, metaphorically speaking, like something suspended between two major pulls, faceless doubts that stirr the mind emotionally as well as intelectually.Not believing death, and not believing imortality.

    Maybe its a more complex thing, where the subconscious comes with the feeling of imortality yet the conscious, intelectual or verbal part cant really believe this is gonna keep playing forever.

  10. At age eight I wasn’t able to analyse what had occurred. It simply became the knowing.

    You can’t know Death intellectually because you have no experience of Death and will never have such an experience. But you can have the knowing of it.

    When a human has a flash of an insight – it comes from their subconscious. It is a momentary spike in awareness, brought into the conscious mind, but the rational mind then attempts to explain it away, give reasons.

    Do not sabotage your insights. If and when the flash comes in – feel it for as long as you can, without attempting to analyse it. Every insight is an opening of the mind, this is how one begins to understand, see things, absorb on a molecular level.

    What is the reason for you to be alive? What is the reason for you to die? Can you come up with any?

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