All Fictional?

I thought my reply to Brian's comment here deserves a separate post, because it is the pinnacle of confusion, which humans endlessly debate. There is nothing to debate once all is seen with Clarity. What you wrote are intellectual musings of the mind pretending to be spiritual ‘wisdom’. I’ll tell you what… tonight forgo your … Continue reading All Fictional?

‘WHO AM I’ Is Simple

'Crowds are a common denominator of stench'. - Friedrich Nietzsche  'You are.. what is.. when no one is looking at you.' This sentence came to me a few months back when I attempted to convey to someone why the question in the title confuses most humans. What you are cannot be logically defined, but it … Continue reading ‘WHO AM I’ Is Simple

There Is No Teaching

Tell them that there is nothing to understand. - U.G. Krishnamurti What is the difference between Jed McKenna and U.G. Krishnamurti whom Jed liberally quoted throughout his books? In the level of Seeing - there is none. Both men realised there was nothing to realise. But their respective choices of what to DO with the … Continue reading There Is No Teaching