There Is No Teaching

Tell them that there is nothing to understand. – U.G. Krishnamurti

What is the difference between Jed McKenna and U.G. Krishnamurti whom Jed liberally quoted throughout his books? In the level of Seeing – there is none. Both men realised there was nothing to realise. But their respective choices of what to DO with the Knowing – are galaxies apart.

One remained true to Self, refused to monetise, to package the Knowing. The result? Died penniless, left no books, only the name which will be forgotten in a hundred years or so. This is what I call ‘integrity’. U.G. may have seemed a cranky old sod, but what does one do with mindless humans who believe there is something to search for? How does one  show them ‘enlightenment’ is no more than a clever spiritual business scheme?

I once said to Jed ‘Your books were HONEST, what happened? What made you become a lie?’ The books were written without a view to profit, unlike the Navigator Series, the money for which is received to the third party name via Western Union and is spent in ways which would put a gigolo to shame.

There was a very short period of madness in me when I wanted to write a book. Jed even gave me his blessing. That is.. until I clearly saw that the world doesn’t need another bunch of blah blah about something which has no factual reality, no existence. Books have been the reason why the notion of enlightenment has persisted throughout generations and cost humans material and emotional resources aplenty.

I simply realised that U.G.’s position is closer to what I am at core.

Any book on ‘enlightenment’ would be a betrayal of Truth.

But not a book on what so called ‘enlightened’ humans get up to post realisation. Perhaps, I will write it one day. By now I have accumulated tangible material to illustrate that there are no ‘enlightened’ beings, there are humans who saw what is – and went back into the world to milk it for all its worth.

Humans. They are divided into two categories: those who shear, and those who get sheared. It makes no difference that some get sheared to the accompaniment of mantras and noble sounding words, such as ‘truth’. I am yet to meet a really truthful being who lives in the natural state, faithful to what they really are. U.G. was that and paid the price by way of constant material struggle, both prior to his moment of realisation and after that. Jed, on the other hand, thrives here in Cambodia, which is a good indicator of the lie.

I have no illusions that this last sentence would not be fully understood. To play the human survival Game always means the loss of true Self. Always, there are no exceptions.

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  1. To play the human survival Game always means the loss of true Self. Always, there are no exceptions. Hmmmm are you certain about that platitude?

  2. Are you suggesting that to thrive in the human game is exclusive to being truthful?

    1. Is this real self, in your own experience, highly empathic and quickly moved to tears of joy or sorrow…..or is that just me? The more the layers have peeled away the more the revealed true me (mostly meaning the alone me) simply bobs about on waves of what feels like pure ’emotion’…which is not ’emotionalism’ but all-encompassing moment by moment reality….going ‘out there’ and staying Real is nigh on impossible…I guess that’s why when someone has apparently been so, they have become famous for it….UG being the example you use…I guess the difference between UG and Jed might be in the sensing that there is a choice, at least some of the time, to play the game or not. And why not play….it passes the time. To not play means, for me, to be mostly alone.

  3. Got it, and I have always sensed as much though through conflicting beliefs. However, where does that leave us as beings that require some focus and intention to acquire basic needs? When you say thrive, are you speaking to “success” or “getting rich”? There are certainly levels of thriving. I guess my question is, does to be truthful mean that one is relegated to a life of struggle such as how you described UGK?

  4. “When you say thrive, are you speaking to “success” or “getting rich”?

    Neither. It simply means maintaining the optimal state of self well being, physical, emotional, social. It requires material resource though. Material resource aqcuisition requires a lie.

    The point is not the presence of lie, everyone, without exception, lies to a degree. The important distinctions are the degrees of lie, whether it is executed with a premeditated agenda, and which areas of life it will manifest in.

  5. “To play the human survival Game always means the loss of true Self. Always, there are no exceptions.”

    Survival is a core driver of living organisms. So it simply cannot be a betrayal of anything real… only perhaps of some false, egoic self.

    Excess or opulence may be a different matter, however, as one might expect some unnatural or even aberrant conditioning to rationalise expense of energy beyond a level such as would keep entropy from increasing… but i think we just call that “culture”.

  6. Michael, once again the intellectual thinking that tends to permeate your expression – conceals what is right in front of one’s nose.

    Human survival means cooperation with others. Cooperation means negotiation and compromise. Compromise means a human ends up doing what was not quite their original intention, to meet the requirements and often demands of those around. The degree of compromise is directly proportional to lack of self awareness. The least self aware people tend to depend on others the most for their survival needs and so flock together in groups.

    It is a societal game, in which, should you choose to stand alone – you will be ostracized in various small and big ways.

    ‘Stand alone’ is when your self is compromised the least. Of course, in practical terms it is near impossible. That is why, unless one completely removed self from any contact with other humans, Self is always lost. Why everyone lies, to a smaller or lesser degree.

  7. counting degree of falsehood is so ridiculous.
    I’m a liar, “Nature” is liar, Universe is liar.
    UG, Jed, me, tano, buddha, donald trump… all liars.
    one liar is not better that onother one…
    UG vs Jed vs Jesus …?
    are you kidding me?

    you have to lie not so much to live in society, but to survive in this Planet.
    Lies (for me) mean limitations. Lie for me is not bad, hasn’t a moral meaning.
    Maya created “The Game” just for entertainment, and in this game there are only optical illusions, aka lies.

    Jed plays words for his sake,
    UG played words without any economic interest, this is true.
    But this means nothing. Human-being are all the same, nor real saint nor real demon, just Theatrical-appearance.

    No degree in illusions.
    No degree in lies.

    1. Humans are not ‘theatrical appearance’.

      When one such ‘theatrical appearance’ sticks a knife under your ribcage, and you feel the last droplets of life draining out of you, and the world begins to fade…. then you and I can discuss what is, and is not, theatrical.

      There is no Maya, other than a mental construct of Maya. But there are humans with knives. That is all I am interested in. What kind of human are you. Nothing else.

  8. ok, in your view, seems there is no illusion (aka Maya sensorial Games)… right?
    no holodeck, just real flesh. Good for you.

    In my world there are only fake perceptions, solidity is one of the biggest one.
    Paradoxical-movements (energy) playing with mind-body and forcing this apparatus to feel in a caledoscopic way.

    I’m not a human, this is just a label. If you want call me cyborg, vampire, alien, teletubbies… doesn’t matter. Human-blood (and impressions) is not big deal in this infinite playground.

    Identity is beyond labels, forms, knives, emotions.

    1. Fake perceptions originate from the fake that the mind writes. That which you call Maya. Look around you and point it out to me.. can you see, sense, feel, observe Maya?

      No. But one can observe own mind made, man-made evaluations, labels, concepts of what is around.. in that sense – none of it is there, all comes from thinking processes. But if flesh matters not to you.. remove your synaptic connections, and you are nothing but a vegetable.

      All is interconnected. The mind does not exist outside the body. Ther body does not exist outside the mind.

      You will die. How do you want to live before this happens? If you are not a human… what are you? An evolved monkey? A combination of cells? A mind which can think? An awareness which is a mind by- product? Self Consciousness which is a double edge sword in all the tools available to Humanity?

      Give it all a label, It matters not. What matters is what you as an individual – will do wth the time you have here, in this blink of an eye.

      What will you do?

  9. love this chat, is entertaining

    – can you see, sense, feel, observe Maya?
    yes, so obvious that you must be blind-deaf not to see, sense, feel, observe Maya.
    … then, if you are blid-deaf i’m sorry for you… that’s life.

    – Ther body does not exist outside the mind.
    explain me what’s outside what inside…
    and where is located the mind?
    and where are you precisely located?
    i mean really precisely…

    – You will die.
    really, how do you know? … did you ever dyed before 🙂 ?

    -. If you are not a human… what are you?
    is that info essential?

    – What will you do?
    playing with empy words (aka lying), exactly like you.

    1. If it cuts deep and it stings, some clinging on to form is going on there.

      “You are fake”

      I may not know directly what is going on your head or emotions when writing that but that sounded pretty defensive.

      Carry on.

      1. Richard Rose once said we can only communicate with those a level below us, the same level or the level above us. Any more of an evolutionary gap – and it becomes a nightmare.

        I had a personal experience of that when I was the dumb one and so can absolutely concur.

        Hence… Sometimes it is simply better to let another go, even if abruptly. Yes, the person was fake, or, rather, acted fake. I have little tolerance for fake posturing.

  10. I have experienced this perspective but suspect it comes from a critical and highly judgemental character of mind. I revisited it after a while and realized that even though the truth has been expressed endlessly over time in many ways, it has not been expressed from your personal perspective.

    Your particular wormhole is perfectly angled to catch the light in a unique way. Ok, so what? Perhaps it will be useful to the world around you. Who knows? Who are you to judge?

    The market may seem saturated with direct truth and concise clarity when you are projecting it, but I am guessing that every bit counts for someone or something…. or who cares? Do it for no reason. Consider the petals of flowers on the apple tree, they are prolific throughout time and space. They are effemeral, a temporary part of the process representing a great leap in evolution. Pages are like pedals, let them fall where they may.

    It has all been done and done again. So what? Write a book if it comes to you to do it. I would read it. You’ve already got the tenacity and a few chapters here already.

  11. No Moral in money – making or spending it!

    UG was born with a silberspoon in his mouth (quote), had financial resources throughout his life except for some years in his 40ties, talked about money endlessly for decades (108 money maxims, money songs, “money-tarot cards”), helping many people to break their ideas about money vs spirituality, sponsored some indian children with big amounts of money, left his body leaving behind a big balance…..
    a cranky old sod? or a “sweet deer” (quote Ram Dass)

  12. I’d like to talk about that choice – post-truth. Is it even a choice?

    I’d be fooling myself to say I don’t want the access to comfort and pleasure that financial capital affords me.

    It’d be similarly delusional to suggest that social capital is undesirable. Sure, it’s a game and often manipulative at it’s core, but how can I deny my desire to receive that utility (which manifests in SO many ways)? The desire is TRUE.

    The best traders are the best manipulators, true. Participating in the game leads one to go away from “true-self” since we are incentivized to frame our value as positively as possible, not as accurately as possible.

    To what extent are you comfortable manipulating others to receive their goodies? That’s the question. Answers may vary, and I disagree with everyone else’s -> No choice.

    1. THIS, this what you speak of above – is the bottom line of the Game, a human desire to survive, in comfort and with no consideration of the cost. To what extent is one comfortable with having a hidden agenda and weaving manipulative lies over others in order to gain/provide/guarantee own access to resources.

      Today is Steve Jobs birthday. Here is an example of a man who had no skills but one: stirring human imagination, manipulating human minds to want what they didn’t even know they wanted. One man can take millions down the rabbit hole and keep them in it, like lab mice in a cage.

      ‘As accurately as possible’ is infinitely preferable in my world to ‘as positively as possible’. I am 100% uncomfortable with manipulating others in order to gain. I also understand this attitude is not common and NOT how the overwhelming majority of human beings are. They make little and big compromises here and there, and are not even aware just how much manipulation is part of their psyche, and how it shapes their daily conduct.

      So I said once on the IG forum: I do not understand humans and the man-made world. My psyche is as far from animal as it gets. It is also far from the portrayal of psychopathically inclined artificial intelligence, this modern idealisation of a mind free from emotional impulse.
      What did the Buddha say? The Middle Way, and I am not even a buddhist. Not that he himself wasn’t a manipulative SOB and a fantasist.

      Delusion runs in the human DNA.

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