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  1. You appear to have but one limited frame of reference for understanding “enlightenment”. From my point of view, this is isn’t serving you well. You would benefit, IMO, from having additional reality maps that for further than ‘Jed McKenna’.

  2. Humans reach various degrees of realisation and get stuck there. They then adopt a new, ‘spiritual’ identity, populate the cyber space with a new version of themselves without being aware they have just swapped a million of beliefs for one BIG belief: that of ‘enlightenment. They get a ‘new frame of reference’.

    There is none. I am interested in Reality of what is, not in the fairtytale of the non existent. I see a for-profit spiritual enterprise. Look at the facts. What do you want to convince me of? Why? What are you holding on to? The fairytale of the Buddha and sages?

    U.G. was the closest to what really is. He had no books or teaching to sell, unlike the Buddha, Jed McKenna and countless other wisdom sellers.

  3. Also… Jed McKenna went as far as it goes. I have absolutely no doubt in that.

    But in the end he, too, chose to join the ranks of those who exploit mindless gullible humans.

    1. I’m not referring to how far the fictional Jed has gone, but to the intellectual understanding of it. In the same way that a one square meter paper map of a region is not to be mistaken for the country itself. In this way I would compare the Jed books to that paper map. There are other maps, and all are but maps, not reality. Here’s a website, and one article that mentions Jed: http://www.realitymaps.com/2006/10-enlightenment.html

  4. And I am not referring to ‘fictional Jed’. I am talking about the real blood and bones individual.

    I read the article a few years back. Too long and rambling, still suggests enlightenment as some kind of Reality, and I absolutely detest the ‘teacher’ aspect of it. But at least it shows a considered awareness of the writer behind the piece.

    No need for maps of any kind, Brian. Reality has no maps.

    1. It’s all fictional. What is not fiction/illusion/not as it appears? There is no real Jed, no real blood and bones individual. There are only appearances. Only the mirage. You only imagine your image that is seen in the mirror of consciousness. It’s all a house of smoke and mirrors, remember? There are no “teachers” and no “students”. There is only the imaginings created in consciousness. And they are created, as if, from nothing. SO, at best you have your reflection of what you are projecting on this “real blood and bones individual”. In Buddhism we refer to “anatta” or, no-self, as the illusion of our individuality, and we project it “out there”. AND, as you already know; there is no “out there” out there. You’re it. No others. You’re the creator of the universe you live in as you, and you hide from being alone.

  5. What you wrote are intellectual musings of the mind pretending to be spiritual ‘wisdom’.

    I’ll tell you what… tonight forgo your illusory dinner and sleep under the stars on the illusory beach, you live close to it. When the bites from mosquitos and sandflies become illusory festering wounds and start ooozing pus – do not go to the imaginary doctor or visit your local pharmacy for medication – they do not exist. Do not kiss your imaginary wife, or, conversly, like Jed, kiss every imaginary female you meet (Jed’s advice huh…)

    Brian, there is further which takes one full circle back to Reality. Or as Jed replied to me once when I said about not watching TV ‘It feels likes some other world out there’… his reply was ‘Yes, it’s another world, the real one…. sorta.’

    He has gone full circle, knows the real and engages it (the girls and Indian curries here) fully. But the books and the Navigator will not tell you this. ‘Nothing’ means just that – nothing to know, see, understand. NOT ‘nothing’ as ‘it doesn’t exist’.

    You all have been fooled.

    1. I don’t mind being the fool. I won’t attempt to explain what cannot be explained anymore. I can only point, not make another see; and I’m a fool to attempt it with you. Perhaps because I know there are no others, only other actors on the stage, playing out their roles. The bottom line is, I don’t really know anything, except how to be a comfortable retired guy and live my own life. I’ll have a beer now, and watch a movie I downloaded instead. I’m safe here in my air conditioned nest, no mosquitos, no sand fleas, etc. I’ll not worry about you anymore. Peace and good, Joe.

  6. Yes, there are actors playing roles. It doesn’t make them unreal.

    Joe, you want to debate Reality, but this “The bottom line is, I don’t really know anything, except how to be a comfortable retired guy and live my own life. I’ll have a beer now, and watch a movie I downloaded instead. I’m safe here in my air conditioned nest, no mosquitos, no sand fleas” is closer to Truth.

    This is how Jed lives, and his ‘no other’ is addressed to those who follow him. I can assure you in physical life these debates are of no concern to him. They are deployed because he needs to sustain himself, nothing more nothing less, simple.

    The difference between him and you is that he knows it is all lies, and you take it as gospel.

    1. Well… I can’t quite really shut up with you it seems. 🙂 You said, “it is all lies”. Logically, this requires two separate individuals. i.e. the one who lies, and the one who is lied to. Perhaps it is so for you, but my way of seeing it (not that I’m right, or wrong, just it’s how I choose to see it), IS non-dualistic. I suppose that makes me a bit of a Hindu, as in Advaita Vedanta. Umm… it’s what I was referring to as a different reality map, a different flavor. Jed’s but one flavor, imo.

  7. There’s no one right way to view what is. Each of us is nothing more than a viewpoint, like seeing another facet of a diamond with many BILLIONS of facets. Like different snowflakes are each crystallized in a unique pattern, so are we. Agreement is not necessary, for seeing through the same lens is not possible.

  8. Brian,it is absolutely correct that we all wear a unique lens. I appreciate your comments not because I am seeking ‘agreement’, but because they give me ideas for more posts.

    Duality and non duality are two co-existing valid perceptions and are expressions of Reality as is. I was wacked in the head one day in the past when I realised they cannot be separated.
    This prompts another post, but for this I need to dig up something from Alan Watts who was very clear in his expression, something I value much in people.

    1. Welllll……since you mentions perceptions – 🙂 Are you acquainted with the Buddhist framework, aka map, of what is a human being? My favorite English translation of the Sanskrit words, is: Form, Feelings, Perceptions, Impulses, Consciousness. Perceptions being pointed at as – no more that part of the constantly changing, dualistic, entity we think of as a separate self, or soul, or individual being, etc., which is Buddhism is pointed at as an illusion. That’s the illusion I was referring to earlier, the illusion of … like the wave not being only a temporary phenomena of the ocean. The wave (you and I) are the ocean. Yes, temporarily in what we call “time” we have relatively separate and interacting reality; together with mosquitos, sand fleas, gender, Donald Trump, Facebook, etc. It’s all passing, doesn’t sit still, can’t grasp it, real in the present moment and not there and gone in at another “future” time (opps, time, what’s time? Does time exist for you?).

  9. “I wrote this in 2014: “I am tidal by nature, like a wave – excites, grows in amplitude, reaches the destination and.. dissipates.”

    I am not familiar with Buddhism in detail. Everything I convey – was owned, insighted and experienced directly. I do not need teachings, but I always learn, just not through books.

  10. I as a human – am not the ocean. I am an empty vessel, a potential for all to shape within.

    However, these are all words, powerless.

    1. You are not the ocean? You are a small empty vessel? How does the ocean shape within such an apparently self limited vessel? What shapes within? Is it perhaps free flowing ocean? Is a wave not a small vessel of ocean with the potential of any part of the ocean to enter and assume a shape within? It is said that enlightenment is when a wave awakens to that it it nothing more than a shape on the surface of the ocean.

    1. That is part of your viewpoint. i.e. the non-inclusion or all seen as “other” as “out there”, as having “nothing to do with” YOUR “Life”. I see you, my opinion only, as closed off, defensive, isolationist, angry, reactionary to your Jed McKenna fantasies. I see you as not awake. To me you are a sleeping time bomb. Dangerous only to your own ego. Apologies. You haven’t been playing nicely, so I decided to drop this on you in the hopes of destroying some of your isolationist tendencies. 🙂 Let me know. 🙂 If you want to have a cup of coffee, and chat in person. I’m always available.

  11. What are you apologising for? I don’t see anything offensive in what you write, as I never see anything offensive in humans. But I do see their lies.

    Regarding my isolationist tendencies… hmmm. I like them. No need to lie to Self, no pretence, very comfortable.

    Joe, there are things I need to do, and I need to do them on my own.. just like Jed does.

    Is it raining in Snooky now?

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