All Fictional?

I thought my reply to Brian’s comment here deserves a separate post, because it is the pinnacle of confusion, which humans endlessly debate. There is nothing to debate once all is seen with Clarity.

What you wrote are intellectual musings of the mind pretending to be spiritual ‘wisdom’.

I’ll tell you what… tonight forgo your illusory dinner and sleep under the stars on the illusory beach, you live close to it. When the bites from mosquitos and sandflies become illusory festering wounds and start ooozing pus – do not go to the imaginary doctor or visit your local pharmacy for medication – they do not exist. Do not kiss your imaginary wife, or, conversly, like Jed, kiss every imaginary female you meet (Jed’s advice huh…)

There is further which takes one full circle back to Reality. Or as Jed replied to me once when I said about not watching TV ‘It feels likes some other world out there’… his reply was ‘Yes, it’s another world, the real one…. sorta.’

Cambodia, Kep Pineapple
Cambodia, Kep. How pineapples grow.

He has gone full circle, knows the real and engages it (the girls and the Indian curries here) fully. But the books and the Navigator will not tell you this. ‘Nothing’ means just that – nothing to know, see, understand. NOT ‘nothing’ as ‘it doesn’t exist’.

You all have been fooled.

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2 thoughts on “All Fictional?

  1. “Brian’s comment here deserves a separate post, because it is the pinnacle of confusion”. You are putting your self as my judge here. You are saying you are right, and I am the pinnacle of confusion. Is that your intention? You make yourself superior, the judge of me. Is this a correct assessment on my part? I say, all you see of me is your own projection, bouncing off your own mirror. I am only as you see me. It is so for each of us. We only see, of others, our own interpretations, or projections of them. What we see of “others” comes entirely from within ourselves. mmm….hahaha…. it might be accurate too. 🙂 Still, it’s just a play thing in the game of life.

  2. You said this: “It’s all fictional. What is not fiction/illusion/not as it appears? There is no real Jed, no real blood and bones individual. There are only appearances. Only the mirage.”

    To me this is the pinnacle of confusion. There is no judgement, only discernment that your belief gives you a form of relief from realities of life. Judgement would be declaring your belief as good or bad.

    Can you understand the difference between ‘judgement’ and ‘discernment’?

    However, if you spoke to Jed he would happily reinforce this version in you. It is impossible to sell ‘nothing, but very possible to sell ‘fictional’ 🙂

    I am not a teacher and refuse to be associated with this spiritual circus. Here is the expression of my interest in the real, only Realness, no abstract extrapolations on the workings of the human mind.

    But I AM interested in what makes us human. The kind of human you are – determines your conduct and its consequences out there ‘in the world’, which is more significant than discussions on non existent ‘enlightenment’.

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