Reality Versus Truth?

I wanted to write about this one for some time, and I would like to invite those who come from a non-English speaking backgrounds to contribute. You can do so in comments. In English the two (Truth and Reality) are separated, split into two words.. but here is an interesting thing..  in Latin there is … Continue reading Reality Versus Truth?

A Taster Of Jed McKenna

A little taster for you, folks. Jed and his friend in Pussy Riot Bar. This is a girlie bar in the adult entertainment area of Sihanoukville. Jed is a small frame man and looks bigger than what he is in real life. He is the one on the right wearing a white shirt. His friend … Continue reading A Taster Of Jed McKenna

Just In Case

I spoke to my mum today. She is aware of the story, although without names. She said 'If money is involved, and if the said individual has been at it for a long time - walk away. It will end badly for you. I don't want to see anything happen to you'. It is the … Continue reading Just In Case

To Nick: Babylon and Giving

Note: I emailed this article to Jed with these forewords: "I will make you real, Cuddly. Nothing more and nothing less." These thoughts are weaving their way through my mind today. People are waiting for the Jed section. Once it opens they will go in, nose around and will turn their fury onto the messenger … Continue reading To Nick: Babylon and Giving

The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part II)

This part is about what happens as a result of being hooked on 'the message' or 'the messenger'. One becomes a cult member. Yes, hard to see this in the midst of all the manipulation that takes place. 'Who, me??? A cult member?? Never! It is just a group of people who want to know … Continue reading The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part II)

‘Controversy Is Good For Business’

Part of me thinks that Jed wants me to carry on with the website. He made no effort to remove certain things from certain places.  It means two things: he wants me to write, and he is sure it will contribute to his brand building, as long as he remains physically out of reach to … Continue reading ‘Controversy Is Good For Business’