Types Of Spiritual Wisdom Dispensary Shops

There are three types of truth realised (TR) humans, and two broad types of Spiritual Wisdom Dispensaries.

‘The blind leading the blind’ TR. Those who ventured ‘further’ and are still moving further.

They are not quite TR, but believe themselves to be as such. They possess high levels of awareness both about self and the world. Intoxicated and high on this newly found state of (partial) seeing, they start talks, participate in all manner of spiritual voodoonit gatherings and often run a small scale, ‘for profit’ spiritual wisdom dispensary shop. Sheep always need a flock.

These folks will probably never grok it. At best – they adopt a new spiritual identity and  populate the internet and physical life with the new version of themselves. At worst – they manufacture their own sheep shearing tools. There are many names for ‘programmes’ which offer some spiritual ‘advancement’, starting from the ancient traditions of yoga and Zen to the neo advaita aspirants.

They are much deluded in taking  ‘All Is Dream’ statement literally. Wait till they get a serious illness which requires the services of a doctor right from the said Dream.

They speak all the SC (Spiritually Correct) lingo of the current spiritual paradigm. This type lacks maliciousness and calculated manipulation, so I forgive them for being thus.

‘The banana TR’. These folks went to the very end, got the banana (expression courtesy of Jed) and saw there was no further, that they really never went anywhere and haven’t moved an inch. This is because they simply saw the fairy tales behind the whole gig.

These guys and gals then went back into the world and set up shop. They are special humans who see with absolute Clarity that the whole enterprise of Enlightenment is just one more mind tale. Their eyes are clear and the hearts cold. Opportunists at core, they see a chance of making a living without sacrificing too many of own physical and emotional resources. They are firmly focused on Self and own goals in the Game, while professing self non-existence, and in Jed McKenna section I will illustrate the practical, real aspects of this.

These individuals will not tell anyone about the final piece of the puzzle, because if they do – there will be nothing to market. As Jed asserts ‘The Infinite Games are what I am interested in’.

Some, like Jed, are not greedy and take in relative moderation. Jed’s book revenues can provide a reasonable income, but books are easily stolen these days (I am a good example). Others, like Ekhart Tolle, are shameless in their drive to sell the non-existent. The level of greed is defined purely by what kind of human being one is, and this is the reason why I wanted to find an answer to this question in relation to Jed McKenna. Why him? He happened to cross my life path and lied to me a great deal. It could have been anyone else, or no one at all.

But remember… greedy or not – the ‘banana TR’ sell empty air.

‘Chop wood, carry water’ TR. Those who went to the very end, got it and got silent.

They are the ones who went back to living an ordinary life. There isn’t much to say about them. You will never know who they are, because they are.. well, silent. But you may recognise some of them by the nonchalant smile and a certain sadness in their eyes, even when they laugh.

I met all three types.

Note: The photo is of a curious little shop in England which sells New Age type wares. I went there once and bought a little Third Eye amulet for my son. Nothing for myself, because even in those days I had a gut feeling this, too, was a fake.

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19 thoughts on “Types Of Spiritual Wisdom Dispensary Shops

  1. Thank you, Mr/Mrs Honeybee

    I would like this place to be somewhere where humans free from the effects of spiritual toxicosis can be open about what is.

    Spiritual toxicosis… hmmm..

  2. I knew a guy once that used to sit at the local meditation center. He joined up with the local Zen priory for a while, attended Vipassana mediation retreats, and read literally everything he could find from Buddhism to Non-duality. When he couldn’t read he listened to podcasts, audiobooks, and audio lectures on philosophy. I remember seeing that smile you write about above from time to time but he continued further picking up a different interest, author, or practice before eventually moving on. I lost contact with him for four or five years. Then I saw him a couple years ago at an office party he attended with his wife. Another fellow, having learned he had an interest in the path, had him cornered talking about the local Shambhala center and different authors and practices. My old friend had that smile again and occasionally mentioned that he remembered this or that, struggled with some memories, and asked if the fellow was interested in some books he had. He turned to me and made the same offer. I hesitated, thinking of a way to politely decline, and he added, “They’re free.”

      1. Hahaha, of course you are correct. Perhaps he just needed help cleaning out his attic or book shelf. Or maybe he saw the books as bitter medicine to be taken to facilitate the “cure.” Maybe one day I’ll see him again and ask.

        I like what you’re doing with this blog but wonder why I like it, and why I’m following. Maybe it’s like Jed says about being wired a certain way. Still interested in watching I guess. No doubt that will be let go of too at some point – or not.

        Got to get to the bees now. Watching them mostly. Another curiosity is watching beekeepers travel the path towards successful keeping of the bees. Much of that path is also releasing and acceptance. Unlearning and letting go of the tiller.

      2. As to why… we are all drawn to certain things, and so be it. I am drawn to Realness. I have a lot of respect for people who, like yourself, do something real. Beekeeping, for instance.

  3. There is no meaning inherent in any aspect of life and I’m going to die.
    It doesn’t sound like much, I know, but this is the place the quest for enlightenment dumps you when that ride is over.

    But it didn’t just leave me empty-handed: it also robbed me of the self I thought I had.

    So there’s that too. I couldn’t have imagined any of this if I hadn’t experienced it all for myself. It makes me laugh to think how hard I worked to get here and how long it took.

    So fuck anybody who says that enlightenment is a gyp: it isn’t. It’s just not what anybody thinks it is and so mundane as to be embarrassing that it seemed so elusive, for so long. But it fits all the maps – and it isn’t the least bit spiritual – whatever the hell that is anyway.

    Well, I’m back in the world and picking myself up.

    I am also actively setting up shop, because it is the best possible news ever and I can see very clearly that I have a mission and it’s calling.

    Am I accepting it because I’m an opportunist, eyeing the upside of “selling water next to the river”…?

    There is that cool, kind of ironical aspect, agreed.

    If I can carve a niche for what I want to do with my time now: merely pointing out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, where’s the evil? Surely your cynicism and distaste would be better directed towards those who make their living from actively propagating the lies that keep the human world believing their emperors are all splendidly attired…?

    My motivation stems from seeing the positive therapeutic possibilities of a very radical kind of uneducation, were it to be harnessed within a structure and effectively deployed. Not a ‘smart-bomb’, but a ‘clear-bomb’.

    I look around at the insane, belief-addled world I grew up in and now live in; witness the shit things we do to one another and the rest of the biosphere in the name of our ridiculous mind fruits. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ that I wish to ‘right’. But I see that there’s much suffering that need not be and I believe I can do something to assist…and I feel moved to do so, so it all fits.

    I have no thoughts about making a name for myself – that has no attraction whatsoever. But I do have a long and solid background in teaching and curriculum design and now a post-grad degree in psychotherapeutic counselling and am a pretty reasonable facilitator and writer.

    I also have a pretty clear view from here and, again, it is not spiritual.

    So with all these ducks lined up, I believe that I could make a reasonable fist of helping wake a few of these sleeping fuckers up.

    So go ahead and expose me…but for what?

    1. You talk of ‘no self’, yet there is plenty of self in your post.. the passion, the desire, the intent. Where does that come from?

      Michael, I will tell you what will happen… In a few months you will set up your website… a few years later you will write and publish a book, maybe a few… people will get hooked by your earnestness and a way with words and will start ‘looking’ for it too. Your stream of eager visitors will be stable, because more humans are born every day.

      You will believe you are helping, but in Reality – nothing in the world will change, the Reality will stay the same, because the so called ‘enlightenment’ does not change what each human is at core. An elevated perspective given to a serial killer – will not make the said serial killer into a ‘save the world’ kinda person.

      This is the nature of the infinite Game that you are yet to grasp.

  4. It’s funny how reading others’ comments helps me find further words to try to express a little bit better than before just where it is I’m at! I think I am just currently finally and fully exhausting my appetite for ‘helping others’. I’ve long since been totally unidentified with anything so-called ‘spiritual’. I’m settling back into my reality even more than I have already. Watching. No impetus to ‘do anything’. And now the ‘but’ is tiring of itself too…’but what do I do with this insight…?” ‘but how do I deal with the desire to help or to assist others in their lives”….”but how can I interact with others and NOT offer input, insight, help or advice, even on everyday matters, like childrearing, or health, for example, or share political posts on Facebook, or act as an intermediary for those who I think would enjoy knowing about each other’s work…” “but how am I supposed to pass the time (I currently watch a helluva lot of movies and sit around being available to my family, should they need me)….I guess what’s left is a mild longing to really connect with someone else….just to alleviate the aloneness from time to time..

    1. I always had a certain stance on ‘helping others’, which at the time was below the level of conscious awareness, but which I can see clearly now: do not help unless directly asked for help.

      1. Yeah…that’s it…I know…the death throes of any sense of personhood and purpose keep fighting to stay alive…because….’..what would I do with the time I have left otherwise…’

      1. Yeah….I smile….that’s where I’m at really….all the head stuff that keeps wondering is very weak and pissing me off a bit….I want it just to finally die off to the reality that’s already here. 🙂

  5. I very much enjoyed this post, getting banned from Jed’s forum induced me to look elsewhere and now I’m getting a different perspective on things (like Jed).
    The realness of bee keeping. Or making furniture, or growing something.
    Myself, I am a hypnotherapist, which is ironic, as my job is mainly to pull people out of hypnosis by using hypnosis. I used to have some sense of mission, but now, it’s just my gig, and I’m not too attached to results, although if people are going to pay me they need to get something out of it.Ultimately the results are up to them. I try not to kid myself that I’m doing anything other than making the dreamstate a little more comfortable for people.
    I struggle with this. In a sense I know I am “selling air”. I was so happy to find this profession at a later age in life because I despaired of finding anything to do that had meaning. Now, I know that nothing has meaning. Yet we are going to do something aren’t we?

    1. Thank you for this,Ted.

      First, it reflects what I wrote in the intro part in Jed’s section regarding teaching real skills as opposed to ‘teaching’ perception. Secondly, it gives me an idea for another post. I expressed it once elsewhere in relation to hypnotherapy. You may not like it much.

      I used to be a forum member and left, that was two years ago. My name was Gromer. There is an old Jed’s rant floating somewhere ‘Stimulated by Gromer’. Funnily, someone recently revived it.

      However, Jed is now preventing me from registering, even installed a new plugin on the forum in the past week (not visible to visitors). But you are not alone, there are many posts and members deleted and banned.

      We shall see 🙂

  6. Tsk, I addressed the central premise of your post pretty squarely, I thought, restricting my words to ‘I’ statements and not trying to tell you about your experience – just share my own.

    But you seem keen to project something onto me; something egoic or messianic at worst…something naïve or mistaken at least.

    I feel a desire to respond here, both because you’ve painted me and my intentions in a very unflattering way in your above response, but also because you refused my other request for you to drop the life story part of what you’re asserting here and paint for your readers even a rough portrait of your actual, operational metaphysics, given your certainty about enlightenment, so that I can better understand where you’re coming from.

    So let’s backtrack to the point you seem the have the second-hardest time working with (after enlightenment, your obvious disappointment over which is this site’s raison d’être).

    Ness, you talk of self and claim my words are littered with it- implied that they reek of it. I suppose it seems that way, seen from the very conventional, albeit overwhelmingly yet demonstrably untested point of view you champion here.

    You certainly sound very sure of both yourself and your denial of enlightenment – and isn’t certainty a grand commodity? People lap it up, I’ve noticed, and I wish I had some too.

    In any case, you should have no trouble mustering this object self you call “me” when you’re appending qualities after the word “my”.

    Back less than 200 years ago, science theorised about an “ether” to explain the propagation of radio and electromagnetic waves through space. They couldn’t work out how it happens, so they manufactured a medium to explain it, that was later disproven by experimental observation and more accurate revelations.

    Meaning: we know better now.

    The Big Bang (“The”, not “Ness’s”) is the same kind of “best guess” explanation for the origins of the apparent universe, but that is likewise possibly becoming unravelled by newer, more complete explanations, such as hologrammatic projection. Many fundamentalist types take such scientific hypotheses and turn them into scientific facts by simply forgetting about their fundamentally speculative nature, mixed with unscientifically blind, unquestioning belief.

    So maybe there is this ‘self’ you claim, lying around in the shadows, somewhere…? Maybe by tracing your own words, thoughts, feelings, etc. back to that self from which you claim they emanate…? …but I don’t need to tell you where to look, because you sound so confident, you’ve probably anticipated my question and have prepared something to make me eat my ego-riddled words…?

    But in case you never bothered to sit still long enough (please: start with your body if you will) then this is your chance to do so – because you really have to do the math for yourself. It doesn’t work if you just try to jump to the end.

    I’ll wait. And when you’ve actually done it, please send me a postcard.

    Now, Ness: stay with me here. Before your mind shuts down in dismissal of the simple and very obvious fact you’re having so much difficulty parsing (and don’t beat yourself up here- you’re in great company. Most of the behavioural science establishment is right there with you) about this whole ‘self’ thing: yes, my words do seem to allude to an underlying ‘self’…but guess what?

    It just isn’t there.

    And when you actually stop and actually look at the board and all your equations in this light…when you actually see all of the existential, psycho-social and cultural “math” left hanging, totally unsupported by a self that isn’t really a thing at all…well, it raises some uncomfortable questions that are not so easy to dismiss.

    And it offers some interesting possibilities too: one of which, incidentally, is liberation. (The ennui from which I notice other commentators on this thread are expressing, each in their own way).

    And this is how it hides from the masses, in plain sight because it seems so fucking banal.

    Doubling back now to the problematic enlightenment thing: you’re right not to believe in it- just as you’re on safer ground (metaphorically) to not believe in anything.

    Of course, belief is a completely unnecessary commodity, if you actually know… meaning by pure logic if nothing else that your denial of enlightenment is really only a belief.

    It’s inescapably so because you can never know it wasn’t under the very next rock you didn’t bother to look under because this self, in whose thrall you claim your right to victimhood, had already started shutting down the search and begun blaming the gurus for your own unwillingness to let go of the mind garbage that kept you from reaching escape velocity when you had the energy required for the burn.

    And you did that when you started smelling garbage but looked in the wrong direction for the source. You called bullshit about the whole business and gave up, deciding instead to find fault with those who didn’t change tack and persevered till it was over (or at least claimed to- and you’d be right to doubt any such claimants, given charlatans pretty well rule the roost in the spiritual realm, bogus down to its very name).

    You also claim the miraculous ability of a soothsayer, projecting very dim expectations of any (ie, not just me) who would attempt to make a positive contribution as selfish, self-aggrandising and totally self-serving. Is that only if they spring from the kind of clarity that arises from the kind of work mis-labelled as “spiritual”, such as Autolysis? Or does it stand for all attempts?

    And funnily enough you seem to echo the very cynicism you express about human nature from the guru whom you’ve made it your mission to debunk, rather than kill the old-fashioned way, by standing on his shoulders and moving ahead on the basis of his teachings.

    From the perspective of an embittered identity reborn from calling enlightenment bullshit, it makes sense to think the worst and call it “realistic”, I suppose…if that’s what you choose to believe. Because if you believe it, then that’s your reality…isn’t it? Facts are unrequired in that game.

    1. Michael,

      1. Please stop apologising. Nothing you say remotely upsets me.

      2. Can’t delete other than administrators, and I am not going to, simply because it would impinge on my principles. Most blog owners put all comments for moderation BEFORE they can appear in public. I will not do that and will not change the original content. Let it stay as it was intended.

      3. I went beyond everything you spoke of, Michael. This is exactly the reason why Jed says so very few get it. I know he does, absolutely, but he went back to sell it, while speaking of nothing.

      4. You see judgement where there is none. As I said in my earlier email ‘Do as thou wilt’. I simply told you it will never work, be it Jed, you, me or anyone out there. How do I know? Look around you. See how much Human Nature has changed since the times of Gautama, Jesus or any other spiritually bitten human?

      Has the human nature changed much since, Michael? What do you think?

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