The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part I)

Over a year ago Jed contracted dengue fever and commented on the forum that he had a virus and was taking a few days off. One of the forum members exclaimed ‘You, YOU are the virus!!’

That was accurate and to the point. Jed leaves hooks in most people he communicates with; the vast majority keep coming back for more. It also ensures his anonymity and loyal silence. The mechanism is not new, but is greatly enhanced by the mystery surrounding the real man behind it all. How does that work?

“If you got it you wouldn’t be on this forum”. Jed asserts that you would lose interest and  not care much about whatever he has to say.

This sets a certain criterion for ‘proving’ that one has finally arrived at grand Emptiness. People need validation. To receive validation they begin to conduct themselves in a certain, ‘spiritually correct’ way. I even know of someone who once knowingly faked ‘it’ (not connected to Jed). By walking away with a silly grin on their face and repeating the mantra of ‘do not care’ Jed’s followers unconsciously try to prove that here they are, all ‘enlightened’ and in a state of equanimity. But ask yourself if you REALLY do not care about anything in this world. Is that true?

“Fuck it all”.  That’s the one Jed himself advocates, and it also inserts a mightily big hook.

Exhausted and frustrated from looking and finding exactly nothing, the followers simply give up the ghost. They haven’t seen Reality for what is, they haven’t gained any Clarity as to the true state of affairs, but so much energy was spent on ‘looking’ into the empty space that they give up and walk away. Most do not fully understand what was done to them, and at this point they do not really care.

They will be back. Months and perhaps years later. Jed’s forum is full of such ‘returnees’. The cycle will start again. They will eventually shell out some money in an attempt to end the misery.

“Do not think of the pink elephant”. Works really well with inquisitive thinking types.Sri Lanka, Sigiriya Elephant

Jed says ‘There is nothing. Relax, breathe, let it all be’. From the other side of the gateless gate this is certainly true. But when one is running along the enlightenment track at a neck breaking speed, like a train without breaks… ‘What do you mean – relax? I am trying to relax, but it’s not working! Help!’ Saying ‘relax’ to someone who can hardly breathe tends to have an opposite effect, which hooks them to hold on to the helping hand. Jed’s hand, of course.

“Don’t trust anything I say”. This is a beauty of a statement and is very powerful. A man who says this – can surely be trusted!

I took this advice close to heart simply because my personal b.s. detector works around the clock. This is what I wrote in my early days on the forum:

You say trust no one, it’s a different kind of trust, isn’t it. I trust by ‘going in’ and seeing what transpires. Not by clinging on to every word someone says, the inner filter takes care of it.

There are more hooks. What transpired is complete inability of humans to apply a critical mind coupled with (and this is really important) own intuitive gut feeling. The overwhelming majority of human beings had those flushed out of them by the Hive Mind somewhere in their formative adolescent years. They cannot think for themselves in any MEANINGFUL capacity, which results in confusion and robs them of indisputable Clarity.

Jed is very aware of this, his audience is not. Most will keep their neck breaking drama journey on an adult children’s train. Only a tiny minority will eventually see there was nothing to see at all.

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6 thoughts on “The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part I)

  1. It’s a kind of self abuse being involved on that forum of his. For people who reject themselves. Imho.

    1. I wouldn’t call this self abuse, Susan. Self exploration, perhaps. It is what happens after one gives the power of One away to another – self abuse starts taking place.

  2. I felt that hook when Jed banned me from the forum, I had a physical reaction like a that of being dumped by a girlfriend. I had to shake my head in amazement at this. I enjoyed his forum and got some clarity from it, but getting banned allowed me to step back and view things from a wider perspective. I want to be a student, not a follower, even though it seems that there is nothing to learn.

  3. I understand, Ted. I had psychologically died in terms of how I perceive the world – a couple of years prior to bumping into Jed, so rejection and any form of drama from people – hasnt worked its way into me.

    However, the lies did. I was simply incredulous in the beginning at what I was coming to realise slowly in the course of our correspondence.

    “getting banned allowed me to step back and view things from a wider perspective.” – yes. But I dont want to be a student (as Jed once said to me ‘Çounsell yourself, you know how’)…. and neither would I ever accept being a teacher of this kind.

  4. Interesting…my teacher told me to trust no one too. When I tried to argue with him he simply asked “have you never been untrustworthy?” I had to pause and realize that yes, I had on occasion betrayed trust despite my efforts to be fair and truthful. That realization made me understand why no one can be trusted, it’s just too much to expect of anyone. Sure keeps the drama to a minimum when that filter dissolves. .

  5. Your teacher was correct. However, saying that will not stop people from placing some form of trust in their teachers. This is because the model of a ‘teacher-student’ relationship is the hook itself.

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