You’d Be Wise To Wonder

“So you get a book about waking up and the book is pretty good so you get another one, and the next thing you know, spiritual books have satisfied your desire for spiritual progress and the danger of actual change has been averted. (Does that make me an agent of delusion? You’d be wise to wonder.)” Jed McKenna

This was posted on Facebook today, good timing. Jed himself is pointing in the direction of what all this is about.. and it goes over people’s heads. They think there is a special message with a deep meaning. There is none, nothing. But no matter how loud one shouts ‘You all have been fooled’, even those who are fooling, including Jed.. the real message is not coming through.

‘Does that make me an agent of delusion? You’d be wise to wonder’.

I wondered, and all became clear.

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6 thoughts on “You’d Be Wise To Wonder

  1. With all due respect, what isn’t an agent of delusion? If enlightenment is a myth, then isn’t anything written or said about enlightenment contributing to the delusion?

    Which begs the questions: Why even talk about it? Why have a blog about it? Why even bother thinking about it?

    If I may ask: do you equate clear seeing with Enlightenment or T/R? Do these words all represent the same state?

    As far as these things are concerned, is there anything to aspire to, strive for? Is a shift in perspective something I should want?

    In all sincerity, why even bother? If, at the end, there is nothing, is it enough to simply understand that and enjoy the dreamstate for what it has to offer?

    I know that you are not interested in teaching, however, I seek to understand your perspective.

    1. You are correct, in a way anything said or written has the potential of contributing to the delusion of enlightenment. But it also depends on what is being said.

      It has been going on for generations, resulting in the massive size of enlightenment industry. If you search the internet, there are countless sites on how to ‘get’ there, but none on the fact that there is nothing to get, and nowhere to go.

      That doesn’t even take into account major cult religions. Each one of them had, as the seed, as the starting point, a man who ‘realised’ and went on pushing it on others, selling it, thus enabling the tale to survive into now.

      I don’t live from ‘aspiration’, but from an inner drive, inexplainable and beyond control. From that point the question ‘why bother?’ doesn’t exist. I am drawn to spell it out. It is no bother at all. That is part of enjoyment: doing what one feels doing like – naturally,

      Jed also enjoys what he does on the forum, but he also has an ulterior motive of material gain. I don’t. Like most humans I have a job which provides a living.

      Yes, Clear Vision is what it is all about, including seeing the enlightenment story for what it is – a fake. A mind which can see, rather than just think.

      “Is a shift in perspective something I should want?” No ‘shoulds’, you already want it, or else you wouldn’t bother asking, Ted. Can you see how each question always has an answer wrapped in it?

  2. Yes, now that you point it out.
    For me, it’s easy to get caught up in the intellectualizing, but I’m clear that is a dead end. I resonate with what you say about an inner drive beyond control.
    It seems that it is exactly this inexplicable inner drive that compels one to seek Truth and to be free of illusion. Then, it seems, one has no choice but to ask “How?” “How do I go about being free from my blindness?”
    If someone such as JM provides direction that leads one to T/R, (as he claims he has) what does it matter that it is sold?
    I want to be clear I have no interest in defending Jed nor debating your view. I appreciate that you are willing to engage, which allows me to understand more clearly what you write.

    1. The appreciation is mutual, Ted. You always give me good pointers.

      I will make a separate post in an attempt to answer some of your questions, got to work now.

  3. EM, maybe you are the actual Jed behind the books? Why do we assume that Jed should be a man? Course, I am kidding, but I like to play with this thought. You are certainly able to write a book like Jed’s. 😉😀😀

    1. Thank you, but I am not Jed. Just Jed’s evil sister 👹 ☠️

      He’d express many of the same sentiments, but it would lose him the following. Too risky, he has books to sell.

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