The Result Of This Website Existence

As mentioned previously, I informed Jed a few weeks ago that it was my intention to establish this website. I also sent him a link last night. As a result the following took place on his forum:

  1. Chris (Jed’s very VERY close friend of a few years) was appointed as a moderator
  2.  Chris made a separate board placing all Jed’s rants there
  3. Jed himself made a separate Nav Series thread which will contain the information about his shop
  4. Jed installed a plugin which scans IP addresses and prevents the known ‘offenders’ from registering on the forum. This was done in the past week, because I registered and sent a private message to a couple of people there. It is not visible to forum members and visitors.

Things are changing. Perhaps, we will be able to see and hear some of the real Jed. Not ALL of the real Jed, some of that Realness would be too much to swallow for the general public.

For the public record here.. I love Jed McKenna the human, as little as is left in him now. I love Jed because he sees what I see, which is very rare.

I just hate his human lies.

Everything any human does is always the result of their reality, what is around them. Look at what people do, not at what they say.

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