‘Controversy Is Good For Business’

Part of me thinks that Jed wants me to carry on with the website. He made no effort to remove certain things from certain places.  It means two things: he wants me to write, and he is sure it will contribute to his brand building, as long as he remains physically out of reach to humans, which is why he stopped all communication the day he learned I know his physical form.

He once said to me ‘Controversy is good for business’, and it is absolutely so. I am of no illusion that this website stokes the fires of curiosity. It will do so even if I put up his media, an account of our meetings, some correspondence snippets. Why so? Here is the answer: who is to say that it is all real? That it took place? People rightfully doubt, and how could I prove that all of it took place, beyond taking some fucking DNA samples?

You can see how complicated it becomes once a mystery was created in the first place.  Everything around the mystery becomes a mystery too. My interaction on Facebook when someone was convinced I am Jed – proves the point. From the start Mystery places doubt, DOUBT  in people’s minds. Does one believe another person’s story? Their words? Their account of events? How much of it depends on this ‘belief’?

You can see why ‘Jed The  Invisible Guru’ game is infinte and why I said to him ‘You are invincible’.

And anything that adds to the mystery – adds to the business.

Anything that adds to the account of Jed – adds to the mystery, because it is so difficult to prove. I don’t think Jed designed it as such from the start: it would take a great mastermind, and Jed is highly intelligent, but not a genius. He simply learned the rules as he went along.

Once the tale is created in people’s minds the Game can go on forever, even after his Death. It happened with all major religions. Christianity survived on the myth lines because we know so very little about Jesus the man. Who did he fuck? What kind of wine did he prefer? Was he a night owl or an early bird? And if you knew he had bladder problems and bad breath… would you worship and look to the ‘teachings’ in the same way you are doing it now?

The Myth is powerful because it is divorced from Reality and placed squarely in the Mind. And Jed has done a very good job insulating humans from Reality of him, thus, making them wonder.

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