The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part II)

This part is about what happens as a result of being hooked on ‘the message’ or ‘the messenger’.

One becomes a cult member. Yes, hard to see this in the midst of all the manipulation that takes place. ‘Who, me??? A cult member?? Never! It is just a group of people who want to know Truth!!’.

Cults don’t have to be ‘bricks and mortar’, they happen not inside the buildings, but inside the minds. With the advent of the Internet the scene has become even more interesting: cult leaders can be physically absent. It insulates them from scrutiny and questioning, and is very easy to control: one click of a button, and the challenge is gone. Besides, not every aspiring cult leader possess the physical presence required to seduce the crowd (Jed doesn’t), but some are gifted communicators through the medium of words (Jed is).

Below is a very simple video which covers the basics. It took me a while to realise this is where I effectively was. Got out without much loss, but others will keep coming back for more, again and again. The Mechanism. The Hook. The Game.

I want to place a disclaimer here. None of it is part of some grand plan. No one is THAT intelligent. Cult mentality is simply part of human psychology, and some people are naturally good at manipulating the Human Condition. It is a gift, in the same way a musical ability is, where a young kid can effortlessly produce a tune without having  read any manuals.

Cult leaders produce cult followers and derive personal support through that, the nature of which is varied. This is all they produce: nothing, and it doesn’t matter how it is dressed out there: religious or spiritual groups.

The characteristics of a cult are universal across all liveries and have one thing in common – your mind is owned by something or someone external to you.


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