To Nick: Babylon and Giving

Note: I emailed this article to Jed with these forewords: “I will make you real, Cuddly. Nothing more and nothing less.”

These thoughts are weaving their way through my mind today.

People are waiting for the Jed section. Once it opens they will go in, nose around and will turn their fury onto the messenger (this site creator) and not the subject of the message (Jed McKenna). I have no doubt in this, and below is why it will happen in such a way.

This happens because people need to receive something. Jed GIVES. He gives the Dream, a promise of becoming ‘enlightened’ accepted with gratitude by his followers, because they perceive it as ‘getting’ something. If one looks very carefully – there is nothing there. But most are not particularly inquisitive and don’t like to ask challenging questions, especially not directly of the guru.

The fury will manifest, because I am taking the dream away and not giving anything in return. You would have to find your own ‘something’, which should really come from the real world and not from some internet stranger’s mind who wrote smashing, but ultimately deceiving books. I see nothing and take away whatever is left. The idea of Enlightenment, the notions of achieving something, the concepts of any search; none of it is real, as in: DOES NOT have any place in your real world. If one looks around.. can you see Enlightenment or enlightened people? No, seriously, aside from what one reads in books of those people (and books are written to 1. express the urge 2. sell the urge).. aside from those words – WHERE IS ENLIGHTENMENT IN REAL LIFE?

Of course, Enlightenment is not a ‘thing’. How can one see it, right?  I have walked all the way back, from the first question of the meaning to talking of ‘it’, of self non-existence to Death to Boundless Emptiness to the Futility to the Hive Mind workings to.. see how enticing those words are, how deep and meaningful they sound, and I walked, felt, integrated, let it seep into every cell each one of those. But in the end of the day where does one arrive? Look at the logo of this website.

One arrives – here.

And so today is the day of crying, out of nowhere, in the same way Jed can cry. But he will not tell anyone, it is not about being real, right? It is about hiding behind clever words, about money-making, about pretence. And I am listening to this song that was given to me a long time ago by a friend who died many months ago. His death has created a vacuum, even though we had communicated only sporadically in recent years. I asked self why the vacuum? Because he was one of those people who was as straight as a board and never lied. He lived the life just like that: leave no trace when walking the world. But he left a trace.

Babylon of this human life.

Burnt Orange Geader


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  1. The bees take us on a journey. In the end, at the destination, we walk away with a smile, richer, having learned something and not regretting the stings.

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