Just In Case

I spoke to my mum today. She is aware of the story, although without names. She said ‘If money is involved, and if the said individual has been at it for a long time – walk away. It will end badly for you. I don’t want to see anything happen to you’.

It is the fourth time someone warned me. ‘Be careful’. I understand it entirely. I live in a lawless country where a one hour loyalty from a stranger can be bought for peanuts, and where people hide from the past they would rather forget, leave alone let anyone know about whatever they are running from. And I am not saying that Jed is. But.

Reality is often stranger than fiction. I thought about it. I have given access to the website to someone I reasonably trust. He has absolutely no vested interest in either the subject or Jed McKenna and can act as the caretaker, should things go wrong.

Just in case.

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