A Taster Of Jed McKenna

A little taster for you, folks.

Jed and his friend in Pussy Riot Bar. This is a girlie bar in the adult entertainment area of Sihanoukville.

Jed is a small frame man and looks bigger than what he is in real life. He is the one on the right wearing a white shirt. His friend is in the green t-shirt holding the pool cue.

Just the facts. One needs to know the realities of life here to understand what a white guy with money can get up to. Cost: beer – $1, pool – free, girls – depending on your negotiation skills. In Jed section I will give a better idea as to what Sihanoukville is and how these girlie bars operate here. If you are interested, google ‘bar fine’. Of course, I chose the photo which obscures their features – for now.


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5 thoughts on “A Taster Of Jed McKenna

  1. That obscured picture of Jed reveals a horrific sense of style, which to me, is a major red flag.

    Not sure I’m going to ever be able to read his material in the same light again and furthermore hope that stuff doesn’t rub off in any sort of way. Last thing I need to do is be looking like that in a girly bar! No wonder his friend is standing way over there!

    1. J, there is nothing wrong with Ken’s sense of style. If anything he dresses better than the majority of expats here, and I covered it in one of my next installments. Funny you mention it.


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