The Dreamscape: Mission Accomplished

In my post TR interactions with people in various stages of ‘attainment’ I saw very clearly that the majority of people post TR become incredibly fake, inauthentic in the way they conduct themselves. What??! Shouldn’t it be the other way around where humans have seen what is, and fall into their natural state – naturally?

Very VERY few do. One sees what is, but cannot change Reality, and neither can they change own Blueprint, what they were created to be, with all the likes, dislikes, preferences, genetically defined illnesses and diseases, inclinations, psychological makeup and so on. We are all stuck in this world in exactly the state we were conceived, and there is no alternative, other than exiting it feet first. It is a misconception to think that post TR a human changes. Nothing of the kind.

What does one do? If you want to shout here ‘All is fine! Nothing needs changing!’ ask yourself why your specific guru (whoever he or she is) does not hold a day job, instead preferring to ‘teach’. Why the most well-known of them have the money, the women, the world travel and material wealth. Why they get lines in magazines, free air time and publishing offers. Why many get entangled in financial/sexual scandals. Why they say nothing needs changing, but then THEY attempt to enter and change people’s minds.

My mission is complete. I am in Sihanoukville right now and gave Jed (or Kenneth, to be factual) a chance to come clean, which he declined. The method of dealing with any challenges on his part has always been to stick his head in the sand and hope it would go away, and I told him so. He believes that his forum will keep it going, is protected from the knowledge. People on the forum are not aware of this website, and hence, the revenues will not suffer. Kenneth always cared about his revenues, to the point of stacking a few million dollars via fraudulent financial transactions. His past life and his present have now converged.

I am opening the Jed McKenna section. The articles will be published one by one, to give you a better understanding of how I came to unravel the mystery of ‘Jed’ through his true reality, past and present. I will try to complete it all within a month. Be patient, keep reading and let others know. They deserve to know.

It will take the illusion of an impeccable ‘guru’, the dream of attaining ‘enlightenment’ away from many people. It will leave you with nothing, but yourself and the Reality of what is. You may scream inside or nod your head….  If you want to stay in the Dream – stop reading and go back to the Dreamscape.. the one fashioned by those who talk about the Dreamscape.

And it leaves me with a strange feeling. Sadness, but also… having been touched by the dirt and the grime of another’s lies and deceit one can’t help but feeling dirty.

But as ‘Jed’ would say….Truth at any cost.

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One thought on “The Dreamscape: Mission Accomplished

  1. ‘And it leaves me with a strange feeling. Sadness, but also… having been touched by the dirt and the grime of another’s lies and deceit one can’t help but feeling dirty.’

    The above feels / sounds like one kind of the ‘contempts’, you talk about elsewhere. I wonder if this (feeling – a result of being engaged with other humans – in the world) is the fuel – so to speak – of our ‘missions’ in life. If so, then, ‘Dreamscape’ is where we’d all be, though my meaning of DreamScape may be different from yours.

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