New Content On Enlightenment Myth

A few of my correspondents expressed a wish to see more articles in the EM section of the website, as they find them  of value to their personal reality.

This came as a surprise to me, and I feel dumbfounded somewhat by this expressed interest. I would like to say ‘thank you’ but also the following.

The main reason for opening the website was Jed (Kenneth). I feel the drive and the need to publish all the materials that I have – first. This takes priority, and it also takes time to put together a coherent account. This is where my focus is right now. Therefore, the main EM site takes a second seat to this task. I have always been someone who focuses on what ever it is – 100%, and it is the ‘Jed’ section for now.

I don’t know what will happen after the ‘Jed’ section has been completed. The EM may become dormant, or I may be inspired to write further. I found that inspiration always drives action.

I simply don’t know what would be next.

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4 thoughts on “New Content On Enlightenment Myth

  1. I think we that follow you have two interests: of course, an abiding interest in JM and curiosity about who he is.
    Second, the interest in the reason we started reading him in the first place: to have Clear Seeing. You speak with authority on this subject, and have a different perspective from JM. You have stated you are not interested in a teacher role, yet what you express re EM is of interest.
    Perhaps both interests lead to the same? I don’t know.

    1. Ted, the perspective is the same. There is nothing that Ken views differently.

      It is not about the perspective but about what one chose to do. People seem to think it is about the man’s private life.. it is only a part of the story, of what/who he is.

      He lost his true self, and not in the way humans think about it. The man was once a great lover at heart.

  2. If that is the case then that is very sad. However, your response begs the question: what is the true self? And here we go again into all of that.

    1. True self… do you remember what you were around the age of two or three? Your natural reactions to things? Unconditioned? Unburdened?

      That is your natural self. It is different to mine or any other person. Unique, yet also human, just like the rest of us. Both unique and the same.

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