‘Show them a good time’

Below is an extract from the kind of emails I get, where people go to great lengths to:

  1. Let me know I am a nutcase
  2. Justify everything that Kenneth (Jed) does

To the first point my answer is… I do not care for any opinions that humans may have. Being called crazy is the best compliment one can get in this world of insane people.

To the second point… Insane people. They will find an excuse for ANYTHING to defend the status quo, and there IS a status quo in gurudom relationships. If anyone remembers I mentioned that I am Russian by origin. My mother once told me that when Stalin, the man on whose orders 30 or so million people perished, died in 1953 people CRIED. They cried despite knowing the facts, the nightly disappearance of someone in almost every household, the devastating effects of the war, the decimation of the talent pool, the famine.. They said ‘It wasn’t his fault.’ They looked for others to place the blame on for the extreme cruelty and total lack of Humanity of one man.

Jed is not Stalin. He is, in fact, quite the opposite by nature, and I will write about it in my next two  articles. But he leaves humans in exactly the same state: inability for critical thinking. With a state of ‘do not care’, which ultimately protects HIM from any honest inquiry. None of his ‘students’ as I far as I can see are in any way clearer as to what the hell this life is all about. But they know spiritual language really well and play the newly found ‘spiritual’ roles. Well, let me tell you… I AM NOT ENLIGHTENED. To talk about this as something real – makes me chuckle inside.

I have never been Jed’s student. I was someone who interacted with him with a view of understanding the human behind the Mask, and I stated that on the forum many a time.

“I’m sure Jed likes sex as much as anyone. But the only accusation I see on your website so far is that Jed is paying women to not only have sex with him but to actually enjoy their time with him.

No doubt sex workers are exploited and in poor conditions, all the more so in Cambodia. Jed can’t rescue anyone or change their situation. But what he can do is give them money and show them a good time. I’m not so naive as to call it altruistic and I don’t think of him that way (and I don’t see altruism as altruism anyway), but it’s not half bad for a human. Unless you have a personal hangup about the Reality of sex or prostitution”.

‘He can give them money and show them a good time.” And it is not half bad. Right.. perhaps, it is only one-third bad.. or ten percent? Does a twenty year old get a kick out of an intimate deal with a seventy year old, a man the age of her grandfather, as is often the case here?


I have no hangups about sex. Sex is a FREE activity. Instead, it has been reduced to being a bargaining tool for girls and a point of social anxiety for men. Here – it has become the fucking industry of abuse. Children are drafted into it. Young women are drafted into it. Ladyboys are drafted into it.

Just because ‘everyone does it’- it don’t make it right.

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2 thoughts on “‘Show them a good time’

  1. This whole lot of your search for the jed human, seems to be based on wrong and right, good and bad, neither of which accually exist and to which you seem to be soo hung up on. Enlightenment clearly does not exist, but what ever your experiencing is not, not enlightenment. You seem to think your enlightened by the mere fact that you tout there is no enlightenment, thus i have found the truth and become dare i say, enlightened. “Beyond the ideas or rightknowing and wrongknowing, there is a field, i will meet you there”, quoted rumi. All i can say is good work at opening people up to jed the human, but there is still further, always further. You may think you see, but as i have read through every article on your blog, it has become quite clear exactly where you are at, and the only way is further. Maybe try to drop the
    whole jed hunt, close the blog, because jeds still alive inside you and really his head should be left dangling bodyless, slowly sliding down a 10 foot pole. Decapitated and bloody.

    1. I am not ‘enlightened’. Jed would be the first one to tell you it is not possible, and he did say so too on his forum.

      You read every post?? Let me guess here… You have read every book Jed has written…. you have read those books a few times… you still keep reading them and find a lot of ‘comfort’ in that.

      Why are you reading the entries on this website?
      Jed is alive im me, corre t. I never stated otherwise. He is alive, because he is – me. A cast of thousands, but you cannot see or understand what that means. Ever.

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