The Lie Of ‘All Will Arrive’

Clarity of Vision is the only true measure of Enlightenment, the rest are simply human sales techniques. Tano


This was posted on EM Facebook page:

I enjoy your ‘exposing Jed’ blog very much. He’s still very true to what his books preach tho. I’m looking forward to something that would in any way contradict his writings. Thanks for sharing.”

Let me state first that I am not ‘exposing’ anything. I am relaying the facts. Based on these facts one can re-evaluate their perception or can dismiss everything and go back into the Dream of Jed world.

Secondly, Jed cannot ‘be true’ to an IMAGINARY tale of his own creation. This sentence doesn’t make sense from any point. It is a story and has nothing to do with what is. What do books have to do with Reality? What does a story of Santa Claus have  to do with the real lives of children, except one day a year?

Humans live mostly in their heads. Very few break this disconnect between what is real and what is imaginary. And sometimes I think to myself ‘Does a dog ever dream about a nice juicy bone?’ Because this is what you do every day – dream about a bone.

Jed’s stories describe this strange phenomenon of the disconnect, absolutely. They do so brilliantly and without restraints. BUT. The final result is still the same: humans bury their heads in Jed’s books and go even bloody deeper into their heads, not OUT of their heads. In the process of doing so they develop all sorts of dysfunctional delusions about the world and the author.

The books have an OPPOSITE effect of what they were intended for, and do you think Jed doesn’t know that? He states himself that around 3-5% of his students TR, and even this figure seems to me exaggerated somewhat. What about the remaining 97% of his students? NINETY SEVEN PERCENT leave none the wiser.

It is not his fault by all means. Humans, in the majority, are not very smart, unable to use their mind critically, have no independent thinking capabilities and absolutely lack any intuitive inner guidance. But Jed is very aware of that and has made it into his living. He will charge you for ‘trying’. The Game is infinite because more humans of the above description come and want to ‘try’.

It is simply untrue that ‘all will arrive’, this very catchy phrase coined by Jed. Jed got two phenomena confused in the early stages of his post TR. All will arrive at Death. This shrill, knife-sharp and breathtaking sense of the passage of time, of slowly folding into Eternity every day – is not known to most humans. It is very visceral and beyond words.

But very few will arrive at Clarity during their lifetime.

Note: I want to thank Sy Cek from Facebook for his/her comment which inspired this article.

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One thought on “The Lie Of ‘All Will Arrive’

  1. Maybe only 2 or 3% of students TR, but no one knows which ones they will be, and unless you can make a case based on conclusive evidence that awakening requires certain habits or abilities, profiling in other words, then teachers can justify offering their help to as many students as possible, and yes, they get paid. No teacher should council a student to “give it up”, quit practicing, you’ll only get more deluded and you’ll never reach that moment in which you see through delusion, because they aren’t “smart enough” or something. If you have the science, of course, you could persuade me otherwise. But I don’t believe awakening is based on ability or skills, or even effort. No one really knows why some awaken and others don’t.

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