Abnormality Of Human Reality

I have been asked many times now why I am running this site. I gain nothing out of it (losing, if anything), no one will believe it, people will dismiss everything, one can’t change Reality… etc… etc… The question comes in various guises, and I gave my answer a few times, but it doesn’t seem to register.

I said I am allergic to lies, especially when they were served personally to me.

I said that when one knows full facts the facts have to be disclosed. Einstein is with me on that one.

“Those who have the privilege to know – have the duty to act”. A. Einstein

I said it evolved naturally and is something that I am driven to do.

I could also be slippery in the same way Kenneth (Jed) has always been, and say that the question ‘why’ is meaningless. Why do birds fly? Because. They were created that way.

But in this human reality the question ‘why’ is often useful. I considered my own question ‘why’. Why do humans not accept the explanations that I gave? Why do they keep asking and looking for some untoward reasons? Why do they ask me about it, yet cannot see that by asking – they have already formulated the answer?

Why did I take it upon my self to look into Kenneth’s history closely? Because I wanted to know.

Why are you asking me this question of ‘why’? Because you want to know.

People need to UNDERSTAND. Does that answer your question ‘why’? You too are trying to understand, amidst derisory remarks, name calling and surface dismissal – you want to SEE.

I wanted to see.

There is another interesting factor in all this. It occurred to me that people have been so disabused of any sense of what is acceptable as a standing member of the human race that any act is simply looked upon as ‘entertainment’, especially if committed by someone they hold on a pedestal. Abnormality of human perception and behaviour has become an acceptable norm. Fucking girls three times younger – acceptable. Taking money for ‘trying’ to get to the non-existent – acceptable. Handling real life situations in an immature manner – acceptable.  Swindling millions out of unsuspecting punters (later on that one) – acceptable.

All is acceptable. We are only human, right?

Perhaps, I have high standards. Perhaps, I have set the bar too high for Kenneth and for those who read this. In fact, I wrote to him about it once. The acts are not acceptable to me personally. And if the rest of Humankind says it is all OK.. I really don’t give a shit.

IT IS NOT OK. And that’s not who/what I am at core and in real life.

Being critical and being judgemental are not the same. My critical view of Humanity as a whole does not exclude my tolerance to its individual members. The Hive Mind tends to sprout when people are in GROUPS. Group behaviour is often the culprit of the most horrendous collective crimes, where individual Consciousness gets trampled upon by the demands of the group. It doesn’t have to play itself out on a  political stage or take place globally. Mob mentality manifests in online discussions, in your workplace, in your own  family. Have you noticed that? Have you ever paid attention to what you become when part of the group?

Look carefully. Here is the mirror of what you are collectively. Individually each one can be a perfectly decent being. But look what happens when humans join in herds.

And so back to the question ‘why’… the answer is – because. I have no rational explanation. It is a drive, in the same way it was a drive for Jed to write his first book. Why can’t  you accept this? What kind of hidden sinister intentions are you looking for? There are none. No money making. No desire to be in Kenneth’s good books. No want to teach anyone. Definitely no want for fame and glory, that would be my worst nightmare.

Why? Because. Stop asking.

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