On Death: Feeling Of Death Awareness

This entry is not about an intellectual discussion of what Death is, who dies, how, what happens after. None of those can convey the FEELING of Death and utter Impermanence that comes with that feeling.

One of the many reasons why I feel internal connection to Kenneth (Jed) is because I know that, like myself, he went through that Ramana style drop into death realisation at a young age. He was ten, mine took place at the age of eight.

Do you think that at such young age a human can see clearly what had occurred? Not really. But the FEEL of it stays for the rest of one’s life. Kenneth once asked me on the forum what ‘sadness’ meant to me, what it felt like, tasted like. He asked because this was, and is, part of his reality. This is what I sensed from him, saw in those eyes, and yes, you humans – will not have a clue, but this is what is. The screeching Knowing of form   insignificance because the curtain will fall one day, and all will descend into Darkness. Everything pales in comparison, all becomes meaningless in such vivid clarity that the will to fight for earthly goodies comes to a halt, nothing remains in that space.

I have no way of transmitting this Feeling which was so fundamental to the final unveiling. It is ever present, never goes away, this acute sensation of the passage of Time, unfolding into Infinity, words are powerless.  Time, the old Cronos and Death, the Great Equalizer. I look at some photos, think of places I used to know in the past, see faces of the people and am unable to recognise any of it. Yes, I know they were once part of my life, but I cannot SENSE them, they do not exist anymore, apparitions of some past life which has nothing to do with where I am, what  I am. The identification with own life as it occurs – has been lost. Camp-Fire Antiques Frame

Where I am – is weightless, colourless, soundless. Eternity touches so very few. I don’t know of anyone who experienced Death realisation and its subsequent act of erasal of human experience in the way most humans perceive it. I know that Jed touched upon it and made a pact with it, which allowed him to bypass consideration of what it means to be human.

Humans live as if they are immortal. They have no sense of time, other than the clock hands and the next scheduled meeting. Those who know a sense of Eternity – live like they are about to drop dead. It doesn’t at all mean an attempt to cram as many activities as possible into every day: your experiences and activities mean absolutely nothing in the Absolute, and your bucket lists are useless fantasies, an extension of Ego that strives to remain in the world. In the same way one cannot take money with them to the grave – one cannot take experiences.

One cannot take ANYTHING. All are footprints in the sand.

It simply means feeling the taste of every breath as it occurs. Here. You see… these two, Now and Forever – are Twins.

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