Plato’s Cave And Diligent ‘Students’

The power of own insight is overwhelming. Everything can be seen clearly ONLY when it was something that came directly from – self. I never knew about Plato’s analogy with the cave, but came to that through own gut wrenching, blood and tears search of the two years before the Big Bang.

It was really simple. Do you know this saying ‘Wherever I go – here I am’?… This has always been my understanding, but in those two years there came a moment when it struck me with absolute Clarity that I am ‘face to face’ with own Mind, and if I didn’t do something about it – I would be stapled to this Mind for the rest of my life. Me – against own Consciousness. The thought was absolutely petrifying. A possible scenario of being stuck in the head forever meant a search for the rest of my remaining years here on Earth, and I DIDN’T WANT THAT. I didn’t want that with passion, with the conviction of a madman who at that one singular moment gains the tunnel vision to get out of it no matter what. At any cost.

But I didn’t read many books. When people ask Jed about Spiritual Autolysis, how to ‘do’ it, I feel puzzled. Spiritual Autolysis is a fancy word for a simple process of asking Self questions. Note, I didn’t say ‘asking others’. I said – Self. Burying one’s nose in someone else’s book will take you nowhere, except to more books, more minds of other humans, and what do they have to do with YOUR reality?

This is how I came to Plato’s analogy of the cave without having never heard about it before. Mine was the cave of the Mind; I felt suffocated in it, but knew, SAW there is a way out, just need to keep going, to keep asking self and to keep listening to the answers which come FROM WITHIN.

And I grabbed any topic my mind turned to. What is this fucking kundalini? Who was U.G. Krishnamurti? Why do we have three major religions/philosophies? What is this talk about Akashic Records? Where is Auroville and what the hell is that? What about that Tibetan Book of the Dead? What is The Third Eye? On and on and on and on.

THIS is where neti neti comes in, and again, I had no idea at the time what it was. But every time I looked at any of the above subjects, or any other things I felt drawn to… my INNER SENSE told me after a while – BULLSHIT! Not it! This is NOT TRUE! How can humans believe in this nonsense? What the hell is wrong with us??.. And I kept going, not it, not it, not true, not true, guided only by self, nothing else.

What happens as a result? One gets to own every insight, every little movement within. One comes up with Plato’s cave analogy WITHOUT reading Plato. One suddenly writes ‘If I doubt own existence, it means I exist’ WITHOUT Descartes. One begins to laugh at millenia old human tales, first tentatively and then out loud, and my God, how hilarious it was to suddenly find myself in the company of great philosophers and sages and see exactly what they saw and realise that I OWN every one of those realisations without ever having touched their books.

And then… the world explodes, and all falls into place.

So.. go and read the books. Be a good ‘student’. Highlight every bloody passage written by someone else and try to figure out its meaning. That will keep you firmly in the grip of another’s Mind for years to come.

OR. Simply ask – yourself. Ask yourself about anything and everything that catches your interest in the field of ‘spirituality’. Kenneth (Jed) went through EXACTLY the same process – from looking at fucking demons and angels and the third eye to the bare, surgically sterile space. He once asked dumb newbie questions of those who were further down the line. He never accepted answers, other than his own and neither did I.

It feels… clean. Clean and clear.

Note: Photo courtesy of a Reddit reader of Jed’s books.

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11 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave And Diligent ‘Students’

  1. “this is not true”, “this is bullshit” are still beliefs…
    and the point of SA isn’t to replace a belief with another belief. the point of SA is to get to the place where your mind realizes that it knows NOTHING! is it true? I DON’T KNOW! is it bullshit? I DON’T KNOW!
    when your mind starts to scream “how the hell am I supposed to run this life when I don’t know shit?!” that’s when you’re getting closer… then the mind becomes a little more humble and silent and it starts to notice that there is actually something that knows better. but it’s very different kind of knowing, it requires constant listening because something that is true one moment can become bullshit in the next. it can’t be put into concepts.

    and neti neti practice? it doesn’t require labeling things as true or bullshit. if something is seen, felt, experienced – that’s not IT.

    neti neti is about waking up from the existence, while SA is more about giving up control and letting Life take over. and of course the moment you do that Life can choose to cut its own head off but it might prefer to wake itself up within existence first… up to Life.

    1. you said: “neti neti is about waking up from the existence, while SA is more about giving up control and letting Life take over”

      Is that true? Who told you that?

      And how can one wake up from existence? Thisi s the usual b.s. of ideas ACCEPTED from someone and not processed on one’s own.

      1. So how are you so sure I’m not talking from experience?

        I was lucky because this process of self-deconstruction started when I was 13 and it was 10 years later when I came into spirituality. so I was spared the illusion than I’m the one doing it, and the teachers that came were only helping me to understand what is happening.

        even if i wanted to put ideas into my mind (and I SO wanted to find something solid to hold on to) Kali’s sword was too sharp at this point.

      2. It takes one to know one, Joanna…

        My question to anyone who attempts to use a lot of ‘correct’ spiritual language with no substance behind it (as you have done in your first comment)… the question is this:

        Can you now see CLEARLY? Do you see Reality as is?

        There are two congnitive processes at play: one of UNDERSTANDING Reality and one of SEEING Reality. Understanding is not always necessary, but seeing without blinkers – is the final result.

        People often confuse the two.

  2. ok, let me share some more:

    after emptying of the mind was done dropping through the heart to the belly happened.
    and it was like Pandora’s box opened in there, spilling out with: tremendous fear of death, fears around money, meaninglessness, purposelessness, hopelessness, unworthiness, there was someone in there who was still hoping that one day she’s gonna get her life back (that was the big one, cried for 2 months until she finnaly dissolved), someone ashamed for not being “normal like other people” a lot of anger and sadness and much more..

    Those kinds of things do you have in mind? but they are not Reality. that’s still ego.
    I sit with them, embracing and loving them, definitely not neti neti style, more like welcoming abandoned parts of me, and they are slowly dissolving, leaving me more whole, joyful and peaceful…

    1. Thank you for your comment, Joanna.

      I don’t feel any of the things you mention, but neither do I feel joyful and peaceful. It is more like – neutral. It stopped being about negative or positive, but I do feel things, sensations.

      Psychological death is only a by-product of the process. You have a long way to go yet.

      I wish you the best.

      1. I think that you’re stuck, your ego tricking you, keeping you “safe” from Life. in my experience Truth doesn’t exclude ANYTHING. but apparently you’re fine in there, wherever you are, so whatever.
        I wish you the best too.

    2. Joanna.. here is for you, today’s Kenneth:

      Jed McKenna

      Re: Infernal Idiocy « Reply #3 on: Today at 02:21:52 am »

      Only you know what’s next for you. But, I”ll butt in and suggest something. You contentment is a trap. A giant and very effective one. Ignore, bust right on through it… and I am dead serious.

      Well, that might not be ”further ” for you, but it was for mean many years ago. Contentment is a state and all states are false.

      Love ya, Jed.


      He is correct. Your joy and peace – is a trap, something you convince self of.

  3. experiencing joy, peace or whatever doesn’t mean grasping it, calling it ME and holding on to it. ego can grasp anything, not only the pleasant stuff, it can grasp the highest realization, it can call itself Void, God, it can get you stuck anywhere. if you found a resting place – your ego is there with you.

      1. I am loving my ego, I’m listening to it and embracing it, just as I described it earlier. and it changes into a healthy ego, which I call Human. a vessel for God.

        are YOU?

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