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“The great European charlatans of the 16th and 17th century mastered the art of cult making. Just like us they lived in a time of great transformation. Organized religion was on the wane and science on the rise. People were desperate to rally around a new cause or faith. The charlatans had begun by peddling health elixirs and alchemic shortcuts to the wealthy. Moving from town to town they originally focused on small groups – until by accident, they stumbled on a truth of human nature. The larger the group they gathered around themselves the easier it was to deceive.

Robert Greene pg 216, Law 27,  The 48 laws of power.

The article in the link below contains the facts on spiritual business of the modern age: how much ‘spiritual teachers’ of various denominations earn, the bells and whistles of spirituality that hook humans to go in search of… what?

Kenneth (Jed) is not greedy by comparison, and I never said his was an organised extortion on a grand scale. He is more of a lone wolf in that respect. But the fact remains – it is nothing but a BUSINESS based on suggestibility of human nature, psychological immaturity and general fucked-up-ness of just about every human you meet. Yourself included.

I know, because I was once. I was you in that past life.

Jed calls it ‘getting the banana’. Have you got the banana yet, monkey? The only difference between you and me is the fact that I KNOW I am a monkey, and you don’t. Hence, the books reading, the long protracted conversations about the nature of Reality and ‘enlightenment’, the ‘attainment’ dick comparing, forcing Self to ‘love another’, while the plain and simple truth is: you don’t, are unable to love. Humans shamelessly take. They take emotions, material goods, attention, possessions, mutually depleting one another, leaching resources in the name of survival and then moving on to the next victim.

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You don’t love you boyfriend, you love the stories about you boyfriend and how he makes you feel.

I probably love you B/F more than you think you do because I have no stories attached. I just am him… simple as heck and hard as heck to realize.

Love ya, Jed.

Well, he lies, a bunch of meaningless words uttered to cover the truth of what is: humans are unable to love.

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  1. I was fully under Jed’s spell from a distance until the timely stumble across your blog. I was convinced he wasn’t one of ‘those’ people.
    U.G Krishnamurti resonated with me because of his lack if desire to attain wealth but I moved on like I have with the others. Time to go it alone and deconstruct all of the nonsense picked up along the way. I’m in too deep to turn back. Death or death

    1. Chris, going it alone is the only way to Clarity. You have all the answers, just need to trust yourself. I am lucky because I possess a critical analytical Mind which accepts no answers from others.

      My best wishes to you.


  2. What a bunch of crap, really.

    ‘You’ may of course imagine yourself to be what you are not, including the attached illusion that, that there’s a ‘you’, who knows something, that can know something.

    All is derived from nothing, aka made up, though. It’s all stories (about ‘nothing’), all comparing (‘nothing’ with ‘nothing’), all without any ground in any ‘reality’ whatsoever. (Shared reality, points of reference, information, energy, whatever, are all fabrics of ‘one’s own’ imagination.)

    But on some hocus pocus, it’s apparently ‘possible’ to go around this, by re-deluding ‘oneself’, by believing a (dream-like / fictional) experience, which is believed to be ‘experienced’ by a non-existing ‘entity’ (in relation with another non- existing thing or entity) has the ingredients (there are non, only as an impermanent (apparent) thought) to come to a solid conclusion. How fascinating!

    (What does this ‘I’ – apparently capable to ‘truthify the lie’ – appear in? Does it?)

    Because the real cause for this blog, and this ‘minding other (non-existing) people’s business, and forsaking the only business that – if there’s anything like that – counts, seems to be a call for attention (as this writing is apparently too).

    Of course Cris has all answers, since language is make-belief too, there can’t be any answers, except when there’s a case of mistaken identity. (Rather, the belief in the existence of identity.)

    Since U.G. comes up on this blog quite often – and let’s, for this moment, imagine there’s a ‘me’ / ‘you’ who ‘knows’ / can ‘know’ anything about it (which is actually not the case, can’t be) – two thing jump to mind.

    First of all, U.G. negated – or at least he tried / said his intention was – to negate every single word he (apparently) spoke, by making a contradicting statement, so ‘both sides’ cancelled each other out. – Silence.

    The second thing that comes to mind, and ‘fits like a glove’ in this context is the statement ‘You are stuck with the mirage’. (Where ‘You’ and ‘the mirage’ may appear as two, but are in Truth none.)


    1) nobody will be becoming enlightened

    2) all discussion / information regarding ‘people who claim (to sell) enlightenment’ and ‘their’ behavior’ is in and of itself a form of self-deception by believing to be an entity able to discriminate, judge and ‘hold certain types of behavior’ (all, while at the same moment, ‘this ‘entity’ is claiming to be something defined in any way – trying to be what is not).

    3) Nothing comes from nothing, and it’s impossible to ‘build reasoning upon nothing’, without having to resort to imagination, make-belief, an arbitrary point of reference, et cetera.

    ^^^ The ‘rules’ described above, of course, apply to the above too. No way I tell(s) Truth ever. (There’s no ‘I’ as such and Truth is unspeakable since it’s beyond words, sounds and symbols). All there ‘is’, ‘is’ the appearance of ‘reality’ (including an ‘I’ within).

    In the same way it would be pointless, and a bit peculiar, to try and rescue a character on a movie screen from getting burned (while knowing it’s just movie, so there’s not really a character to get burned or to be saved), it’s seems a bit pointless, and a bit silly in my humble opinion, to ‘warn other people’, about ‘other people’ ‘selling air’, since ‘selling air’ is the only game in town.

    It’s what’s apparently is done in this text, and it is also what’s apparently done on this blog, and on the invisible guru forum. Whether the (imaginary ‘reward’) is money, energy, attention, time, or whatever, does not matter one bit. In that sense, anything goes, except when the concept of an ‘I’, complete with reference points, knowledge of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ / ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, is made up and believed.

    In the end, it’s all a fraud, a scam, a hoax, and there’s nothing anyone has to do about it, there is nobody who can do anything about anything, and there’s nothing ‘there’ for anyone to do anything about. One, without other, so who or what, would be relating to what or who, while ‘having to base it all’ on ‘nothing’?

    1. Good points STAP.

      I’ve heard it called a spiritual ego when one goes back into believing the dream and the ego decides they are personally special. Sometimes there’s a sense of righteousness for one’s personal perception and an idea one can save others (as if they need saving or something’s gone wrong). I’ve experienced on both sides of this coin and for me personally it served to enlighten more aspects of mind. It is assumed the the one who witnessed the truth has a better angle on reality, rather than recognize that the “reality” they see is actually still a projection of their light or shadow, nothing special. It all gets worked out. Ω

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