Why I Call Jed McKenna ‘Cuddly’

Someone recently sent me an email with this question.

It evolved organically, as everything that I allow to take place in my life. The Flow.

Cuddly 1

And then I mentioned it again, and it stayed, eventually getting shortened to ‘Cuddly’.

Cuddly 2

Humans bear names given to them by someone else (parents), a meaningless combination of sounds which never reflects their true nature. I would wait for a child to be seen, to notice what his/her tendencies are, what they are really like – before giving a name. Something like American Indians used to do.

It suits Kenneth. That’s what he once used to be, before life took him to pieces and made him ruthless. And so this website is more about one human being rather than ‘exposing’ a spiritual guru. I promised to make Jed McKenna (Kenneth) real because he a is real, blood and bones human being.

A pity that most humans are unable to comprehend this. They prefer to see an elevated being, a book author, an ‘enlightened’ human.

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