Jed McKenna: Truth Or Compassion?

Nothing is ever black and white in the world.

On the one hand………..

…………… there is the man whose eyes opened in 1991 and who tried to find his feet in this world thereafter, from rebelling against authorities…. to selling the rebellion packaged as ‘kits’….. to ‘educating’ the public about (financial) matters….. to setting up numerous companies which stayed dormant… to trading equipment with no warranties and a poor design… to playing a major part in an organised financial fraud scheme to fleece not the mega wealthy, the rich and the powerful, but pensioners with a bit of savings, clueless humans wanting to get fast high returns… to starting litigation claims… to fleeing the country when the investigation kicked in… to harbouring the unreturned millions…. and finding his home in third world countries……….

and on the other hand………

……….. a brilliant writer with a vision…….. who is seventy and is not getting any younger…. who self published the most lucid books….. who didn’t make millions on those, unlike the shameless other peddlers because he saw no philosophical or commercial value in them…. who has no pension and probably no savings (but what happened to those  millions?)…. who needs to sustain himself in the said third world countries (Cambodia? What man of means would choose Cambodia as his residence???)…. who asked for business ventures from complete internet strangers…. whose physical needs are modest…. who is too fucking proud to admit any of the above……

If I publish the name and all the stuff that goes with it.. Kenneth’s (Jed’s) revenues from selling you the Dream – will dwindle. The information is slowly trickling down to both those who used to know him in his past life (and know nothing of his present) and to those who write to him on the forum (and know nothing of his past). It cannot be contained once out in the open. He has other ventures, but let’s face it… the Navs Series is not a charity, it is about earnings, and Kenneth needs them.

My detractors claim there is no morality in Truth, all is permissible and none of it is of any significance, makes no difference. But is that true? Does it make no difference to you whether you eat today or have no food for days?

So here is the question: unvarnished factual truth or a life of one human being? Both are real. Truth or Compassion? What would you choose?

This is what I have been considering at this time. You too can consider it, instead of passively munching on the facts of this particular soap opera. And never pretend that you are not enjoying it all.

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2 thoughts on “Jed McKenna: Truth Or Compassion?

  1. Woah… as one of those very vocal detractors, I’ve never ever advocated a cover up of anything. I’m a champion of the man’s works. My point all along has been that whatever Jed is up to in meatspace has no bearing upon that to which his writings point, nor my respect for the mind of the man who penned them. How could it?

    Not would I defend the man’s behaviour if your allegations weren’t just allegations, just because I’m a fan of his lucidity and articulacy.

    Truth on the one hand and morality and ethics on the other are not related, is my point. A truth which is limited to morality and ethics is only a relative truth and therefore not Truth.

  2. “My detractors claim there is no morality in Truth, all is permissible and none of it is of any significance, makes no difference. But is that true?”

    That’s the ultimate Truth, but not the whole Truth. that’s preference for Shiva over Shakti. and only coming together of those two turns you into a human, who doesn’t see anything as right or wrong but still acts wisely. the conditioning is turning into intuitive knowing. but learning to hear that voice of intuition takes time and making lots of mistakes.

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