Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

Sounds contradictory, right? What the hell.…… Jed eschews feeling!! What are you talking about??….

It looks that way on the surface. Not true. What you see is not what you get.

The angst of the first book is what resonated with me FIRST. If you cannot feel that twisted wrapped sense of total dissolution of meaning and just where exactly it came from… you need to get in touch with your gut first, before attempting to wade through and mentally desiccate thousands of Jed’s words. Because this is NOT what got Jed (and myself) over the threshold.

The song below is dedicated to all those who write to me in a state of broken-ness, and this article is dedicated to my son, who was more of a human adult at seventeen than many so called ‘adults’ I know.

The song content does not apply to my reality anymore, but it was given to me by my son who was the perfect witness to my dissolution and subsequent fall into the unknown. The fall that I embraced amidst slowly dying inside.

My son shares a few major energetic components with Kenneth (Jed), and he didn’t need an explanation of what I was going through. He simply came into my room one day and said ‘This is a song I love, I want you to listen to it’. He was seventeen and had already understood much of this Reality. We ‘got’ each other’s states and thoughts, communicated – without words. Words often came in later when the intuitive perception of another’s state was received first.

Someone once said to me ‘People will forget what you achieved, wore, bought, what you looked like… but they will never forget how you made them feel’. A combination of feeling and thinking is what opens one’s eyes. The Perfect Circle.

Try it. Don’t be afraid to be human. This is what Kenneth calls ‘going right through the middle’.

“Roll with it”

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16 thoughts on “Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

  1. I’ve read your Big Bang story…
    You’ve deconstructed yourself on the mental level, but not on the emotional/gut level. and now you’re selling a lie that enlightenment doesn’t change much. well, if it’s not embodied it doesn’t.
    Calling your ego, your wounding – true nature, that’s BS.

    1. Deconstration happens on both levels, Joanna. I used to be a feeling/intuition based creature, pretty much like Kenneth (Jed), and I know precisely what I am talking about here. The ‘Big Bang’ opened the mind, gave me an ability to think/see clearly and to stop being bound to emotion, unlike an overwhelming majority of people out there.

      I sense a certain turmoil in you and a need for realness.

      1. I’m not talking about going beyond emotions. I’m talking about going through them. which reveals them as love in disguise.
        I know how head awakening looks like, there is no further from there. but there is coming back and going deeper.

        we won’t see through all illusions with our mind only, heart is needed. compassion to the ignorant one, who is still BS-ing herself is needed. in spite of knowing that “I am not her”. the human is the key to waking up within the dreamstate in my experience.

        without doing that, the remaining BS will just continue to manifest in our lives until we cannot stay indifferent to it anymore.

    1. I’m calling this “emotional” deconstruction/purification because after this SA process was over I wasn’t able to believe in anything anymore.
      my human though… she continued to create stories around emotions. but when I tried to use “is that true?” on them it hasn’t felt right. something was telling me “concentrate on the emotion now”. or the feeling, whatever the difference is.
      so I listened and it turned out that there was still a lot of “me” here, and that’s why God couldn’t take over. although I felt quite empty.
      and a lot of stories and fear was/is around this “taking over”..

      so… what is the difference between feelings and emotions?

      1. Well.. look up at the sky, what do you see? Its blue-ness, feel the expanse of it, the sunlight on your face.. and you are not thinking of why it is blue or that the weather is nice. The same with the grey sky.. it feels heavy, and the wind is strong, touching your cheeks, but there is no story about the upcoming storm and all the possible unpleasantness of it, or the delight of it if you like storms. This is the feeling, comes from the body, the being-ness in the world.

        It is like staring vacantly into the camp fire – no thought or judgement, just the fire and you. I often lapse into these, have always done, don’t know why, comes naturally.

        The same is possible with social interaction of any kind. No telling self this is a terrible or an ecstatic situation. Just deal with what is placed before one, without judgement. Those stories are emotions.

        People can lose their heads around you, but you are ‘in’ but not losing yours. I was killed psychologically before the mind opened up, hence, no struggle with creating stories. They were gone, I touched upon it in The Story and other posts. So when you say ‘go through’ emotion… it has been done, once and for all. I feel, but don’t emote. I can feel love, hate, delight, sorrow, joy, gratitude, sadness, but none are attached to any particular event or person. They are feelings that pass through, in and out.

        I must add… the loss was not pretty at the time. Felt like dying.

  2. really? so she’s not telling you things like: “Jed shouldn’t have lied to me”? She’s not angry/hurt/disappointed?
    and this site isn’t a manifestation of the above?

    you’re sure that “the loss” wasn’t about losing the connection with her? that you’re making it about Jed because you’re unwilling to face her pain? and that maybe you’re trying to put this pain on his lap?

    that your “there’s no enlightenment” theory is just about that? convincing yourself that there’s no Love/God because a part of you knows that there is still a lot of ignorance to be met? with Love this time, not mind. and maybe you know that if you allow it, it would eventually leave you empty? and who would you be then? a jellyfish? I don’t think so.

    and you will attract followers, I’m sure of that. People with similar intentions. people who want to hear that they can be “done” and not touch what really hurts. that they can become enlightened “no ones” and keep their BS.

    expressing your feelings without investigating them first (not with judgement but with curiosity of a 3-year old, with dedication to Truth) is just another form of avoiding them.

    1. That sounds very dramatic, Joanna, but the aswer is ‘none of the above’. I got fried well before Jed McKenna’s books crossed my path, and before the man himself did. It doesn’t seem to register with you that your current pain – is not mine.

      1. there are conscious and unconscious parts of false self. 100% freedom from false self turns you into pure self/Love.
        and I don’t mean a blissful jellyfish, Love has many faces. but it’s still Love.

        so if you feel like you’re acting from Love, speaking from Love, moving as Love, then great, you’re done. awaken from and within a dream, fully realized. congratulations.

        1. When you said ‘moving as love’ I imagined a white ghost gliding through the air.. then it bumped hard into a table. Ouch!!!

          Must have left its pair of eyes in the bedroom.

  3. interesting.. are you afraid that if you surrender to Love, you’ll lose Clarity?
    I think that’s quite a common fear.. but not true.

    and what if I give up control and It makes me running through the streets hugging strangers? (that was my vision) and this world is such a dangerous place… I must protect It (my reasoning).

    I know, I know… I’m projecting again.. maybe I have lost my Clarity after all…

    1. I don’t know what love is, Joanna. I don’t think anyone knows.

      If you decide to run through the streets hugging strangers I suggest at least avoid doing so at two in the morning; keep yourself safe. You are all you will ever have.

      The world can be a dangerous place, and it can be a wonderful place.

    1. but what would that prove?

      there are people doing crazy, dangerous things all the time and nothing seems to harm them.
      and there are those who manage to break their leg while taking a shower..

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