Reality Has No Contenders

The disconnect between Reality and its psycho-cognitive representation springs from the human Mind which, unlike the body, is ill-equipped to cope with the demands of survival. Humanity has been collectively losing its marbles ever since the first imaginative thought was consciously recognised as a separate creation, probably somewhere among the drawings in the Lascaux Cave.

If one removes spiritual linguistic mists – the whole idea, sense, perception, notion of enlightenment falls apart. Every name used to describe it (TR, SR, attainment, transcendence, THIS, Divinity, God Consciousness etc.) becomes a laughable game of deceit. If it is being successfully sold to humans it simply means that the market has met its demand: humans want to know why they are not happy and are willing to pay any price for the hope of a remedy.

They are not happy because they live in their heads.

They are not happy because other, equally unhappy humans have abused and used them, a vicious cycle of victimising one another.

They are not happy because no one is genuinely interested in another’s welfare as much as in own survival struggle.

They are not happy because no one has ever truly listened to what they have to say, what they carry inside.

They are not happy because they get bashed by hormones as a daily occurrence, but are too blind to notice how the physiology of a human body shapes up their reality.

The Game of ‘let’s get enlightened’ offers the antidote, a form of hypnosis which proclaims that Death, Life, the World, their own being and a sense of Being-ness – are not real, no more than a Dream. The tale has been pushed forward for GENERATIONS, and yet… here we are, in this supposedly non-existent ephemeral world, still going through the same motions of Human Condition.

Why don’t we instead view the facts as they are? Without attempting to either sugar coat anything in a New Age kind of universal ‘love’ (and impersonal? what the hell is that?) or to morph those facts into the Dream landscape in order to induce a mild form of euphoria so characteristic of guru’s public displays? You never saw them in private, and those of you who did – learnt your lessons, or perhaps not and instead went in search of another, ‘better’ guru.

Self honesty, anyone? An ability to think? Some rationality which we, as advanced monkeys, are capable of in tiny motions? An intelligent intuitive perception?

Get real.

No one cares about you more than they care about themselves.

Not even your parents, including (shock horror!) mothers. Animals are more honest than us in this respect: they leave their young as soon as the offspring learns to fend for themselves, instead of viciously clinging on to them as an insurance policy for old age.

Humans don’t like one another that much.

But they do like the attention which affords them fleeting self appeasing moments. SELF. They are intrinsically interested only in Self and in how others make them feel.

The world is governed by the survival of the fittest.

Just have a good look at life as it unfolds in nature. You are part of the natural world, as much as humans forcefully pursue specism and unconsciously glorify Humanity as the pinnacle of evolution. Yet… cockroaches do less harm.

Humans are geared towards squabble and fight

be it on a personal level or taken out into the Collective by extension. If there is none – they will create conflict, every time and without fail. Jed McKenna exemplified this when he spoke about Brahman which manifests things into Reality out of sheer sense of boredom. But it is Atman that gets bored and engages the world in both creative and destructive ways. YOU.

You will die, and no one will take much notice.

No trace will be left of you anywhere for billions of years to come. FOREVER. Comprehend this first, let it savage every particle in your body, and you will never again look with the same eyes at your pitiful everyday existence, your meaningless arguments, your ill-informed ambitions and desires, your constant emotional rollercoaster and lack of responsibility for own thinking.

Reality is the only Truth. It is time to stop intellectualising the word ‘Truth’; there are no occult explanations behind it. What you see is what is.

Reality has no contenders. 

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3 thoughts on “Reality Has No Contenders

  1. Good Article, i also realized these “harsh” truths, through reading, experiencing and thinking about it. I always liked being alone or with people who are similar to me and through this feel like i am alone. I know that all my actions are for myself on a specific level. But what really changed through realising this?

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