Readers’ Emails

I receive one or two emails a day and reply to all. However, those of you who lie – will receive a kick in the teeth, in the same way Jed once said in his book ‘I will do them a favour of kicking them in the teeth’. I smell insincerity a mile off from the first email and will respond accordingly.

How so? Someone wrote this:

I’ve really enjoyed your blog. I do believe it’s an actual service to let people know gurus are unnecessary; unapologetically. Once you understand the reality of the dream state it is a tempting pull to use “truth realization” as a means of providing for the needs of the ego. Its so funny and tragic simultaneously. Perhaps it is actually the worlds oldest profession…don’t know. Doesn’t matter.

I responded:

What do you mean ‘like Jed’, not seeking anything from anyone? Jed is seeking your money and your attention, except he doesn’t ask for it, it is given freely. You need to ask self why.

Altruistic love is a myth. Let me ask you something… would you give up your life for a stranger? You need to think really carefully on that one.

Regarding Ramana.. he had a keen business eye and built an entire ashram around the place.. which he helped to design and the construction of which he supervised.

You need to look into facts, not your well and good wishing for peace and harmony.

My regards,


He didn’t wish for peace and harmony in the email, but it just had that vibe, and sure enough when I checked the person’s website after having sent the email above – there it was, harmony. But. At the same time as I replied –  the person registered on Jed’s forum and professed their big fandom status to Jed, which is completely contrary to what they said in their email. I am not reproducing it here to keep their name anonymous.

I want to say this… I don’t care if my readers are Jed’s fans, but if you intend to lie – do not write to me. Unlike Jed, I do not ‘teach’ and wish nothing from anyone, not your money, praise or attention and therefore do not need to keep you ‘in the fold’ in order to  extract something. If one can be sincere (and those who were – received what they needed) – they are welcome.

In the absence of that – do not bother, the dialogue will end very abruptly.

I apply the same criteria here online as I apply it to people in my real physical life – true sincerity is rare, and I value it more than anything in life.

Less is more. Quality over quantity.

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