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Below is an email I received after having published the detax article, from someone who  quickly figured out Kenneth’s full name and whatever other tricks he got involved in later on in life:

Thanks Tano for the latest Jed 4.4 article.

He was ripping people off in 2009 after writing 3 of his books. Kenneth xxxxxxx is sorta a weasel. I’m not positing that TR isn’t going to allow someone to do the unspeakable, but it almost seems to afford the Jed persona an out regarding any consequences for the actions. It can be dismissed as, it wasn’t me, There isn’t a self, there’s only…blah blah….!

Life is but a dream!

and my response:

Yes, xxxxx, he was ripping people off, in millions. I will write about it later, with documents from Canada Securities Commission, whom I contacted two months ago.

I have no doubt the man has clear vision.. which does not change anyone’s innate nature, and this is his specific nature – to play and trick others, hence, the philosophy of it all.

Well done for finding out. There will be more to come, an objective picture where facts, and only facts, speak for themselves.

However.. my main concern now is how to let people on his forum know. He keeps a tight grip on it. And still.. humans argue that none of it matters to the value of the books.


The mystery will live on unless others learn the facts, and the only lesson one has to learn from it all is this: think for yourself, and believe no words of ‘enlightened’ humans. See the deeds and draw your own conclusions as to the nature of ‘enlightenment’ and its ego driven agenda. And that concerns ALL those who play on the innate drive of a human being to see with Clarity. All ‘gurus’, all ‘spiritual’ teachers who simply have to put their foot forward to let the world know that they ‘have the vision’, and benefit from it in some way as a result, be it financially or in other, non material ways.

As the Buddha said ‘I gained nothing from enlightenment’. Not quite. He gained the name, the cult, the long lasting philosophy and… alms of course.

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12 thoughts on “Detax Article Response

  1. “which does not change anyone’s innate nature, and this is his specific nature – to play and trick others”

    Let’s say you’re right about him. How do you know this is his “innate nature” and not his BS/karma?

      1. I mean conditioning, something that has been learned and can be unlearned.
        we do learn a lot of BS about life and how to navigate it, don’t we?
        so what if “I have to trick others (so they give me money, love, whatever)” was just that?

  2. “Kenneth has unlearnt his conditioning. It’s just what happens in this process.”

    I mean the unconscious parts. we don’t have control over them, they are being triggered while we’re playing the Game.

    Going through layers of my own BS, discovering the innocent nature of my human under those layers of ego, I have really hard time believing in someone else’s BS as their “innate nature”.

  3. In truth we are innocent because of what we are. We may be identified with the defined yin-yang temporarily, but it’s not the full picture by any means.

    “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Recognition of this innocence is beautiful and humbling. Out of it come things like compassion and unconditional love.

    On the level where one seems to not be innocent, this truth will be unrecognized.

    On the level of society I believe in innocent until proven guilty. I think your methods here lack evidence or it’s so diluted and burried I can’t find it.

    I remain skeptical as to the significance of your findings, though I’m sure it’s all good and useful for something. If nothing else, it’s a great start to your own sect of believers.

    1. I have no idea why you talk about a sect of ‘believers’. So far I have successfully kicked everyone in the teeth. Why? Because I have no interest of taking anything from anyone. And why not? Because there is nothing anyone has for me that I want.

      I prefer Reality, and that means real human around, of my own choosing, and believe me I am very choosy.

      Here – is an unfolding story. And all stories eventually come to an end.

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