How To Edit Out Reality, By Jed McKenna

Last night forum members commented on a thread created by Signature (member name) titled ‘Sexapades In Cambodia’. They did it because I contacted around 40 people (the limit of what was allowed in two hours) and let them know about this website. Kenneth has policed the forum all day today, observe how the thread changed after ‘Jed’ subtly went on to it. I haven’t saved absolutely all of it, but it gives an idea.

If you want to read the screenshots – right click on them and choose ‘view image’.

Sexapades in Cambodia 1


Sexapades in Cambodia 2


Sexapades in Cambodia 3


Sexapades in Cambodia 4


Sexapades In Cambodia 5

and finally changing the thread title from risky Sexapades to innocent Request

Sexapades in Cambodia 6


Now we are innocent again, aren’t we, Kenneth.

Houdini. It is simply not possible for Jed-Kenneth to be upfront, because this subtle exchange of what is true to what LOOKS like true – is his modus operandi.

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17 thoughts on “How To Edit Out Reality, By Jed McKenna

    1. It will get deleted. Jed comes in to the forum every hour now. PM it if you can, I PMed the first three pages of people,those who have been active in the past few days, the rest are none the wiser.

      1. You have an obsessions with Jed Mckenna. Its actually kind of weird. Right or Wrong. I thank you. As it has been the catalyst for *THINKING FOR MYSELF*. Along with it, alot of people have been murked from my repoitare (probably didnt spell that right ) of trust worthy folk. Cant trust anyone. So on one side of the coin, thank you for freeing me from a possible blind trust. on the other hand, I would check into your un-healthy obsession with J – M. And lastly, your killing business. Cheers. -SIXOHS

        1. You are welcome.

          Not an obsession. I can’t wait for this to be over, but I have made a committment to tell the story, and it has to be completed. I can then stop writing, typing and communicating that much, it has been tiring and is not for me.

  1. i guess i was one of the 40 (@flaneurity) and Kenneth got to the PM pretty quick and deleted the body of it, but not before i got to here…i had already pretty much moved on from the forum and also “Jed” for that matter…rowing my own boat, which is all there is to do anyway…

    1. Not really. To communicate with others and then enroll them into the teaching programme requires a degree of credibility. Would you just part with two grand without at least a good idea that your mentor is in an identifiable place someone in the world?

    1. exactly…the shadows don’t resolve just because TR, or whatever one chooses to call it, happens…the shadows are part of the character/man suit…deal with them or embrace them, all the same trip…

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