Wayne Wirs Committed Suicide

Wayne Wirs committed suicide on the 31st of August 2017. He did it in clear reasoning and without regrets which is evident from the message he left on his website. He was in excruciating physical pain for the past few weeks of his life, which contributed to his decision to go.
His photos tend to come up in search when one is looking for ‘Jed McKenna’. I spoke to Wayne only a couple of weeks ago when he contacted me after having read the EM. He was extremely amicable, gentle and positive. I couldn’t sense a single malicious bone in his body.
He wrote a few books, lead a normadic life while living in a van, was classed as homeless, was free from internal drive to leech off others and got too much connected to Eternity. The perspective of Eternity, even though giving one Wisdom – cannot be LIVED in a day to day human Reality. This is the reason why I keep the emphasis on THIS, the mundane ordinary human life. Eternity, or what I call ‘Boundless Emptiness’ – can destroy the internal psyche and any connection to this world if one dwells there permanently.
He was love, and it killed him. The best of them, the humourous and greed free, those who do not set it as their life purpose to dominate and extract… do they go without leaving a trace? Really? But then.. why am I thinking of the man I hardly knew, and feel a sense of loss?
Those few emails from Wayne, every word in them – were full of sincerity. That is why.
RIP, brother.

7 thoughts on “Wayne Wirs Committed Suicide

  1. I read his “notice” via his blog this morning. I didn’t know that his name came up when searching for Jed. But he did write some interesting blog posts. When one gets close to the precipice, look over, then take a step back.

      1. oh yes, sorry. how does that effect ones ability to live life? I read about it alot. Aboutg how people who wake uup, have trouble doing the same things they used to do. I just cant comprehend why that would be the case? I would think you woul probably enjoy life even MORE.

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