‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’

When people argue whether our forum ‘Jed’ is the author, and the books reflect the author’s life… the books are not autobiographical. They are a composite account of a few people and a few life circumstances.

There WAS (and still is, but not an ashram, never has been) a house a few miles from Fairfield. It is an old colonial house built in 1911, with a few bedrooms, set among fields and creeks, in the middle of nowhere. There WAS a person who occasionally went by the name ‘Jed’ and who participated in the books production, because he worked as an editor in Fairfield. There WAS a so called ‘enlightened’ man (Kenneth) who happened upon Iowa back in the 1990s. There WAS (and is) a man who doesn’t look like our forum Jed.

People argue on the premise there is one man behind the books. However, there is a good chance there have always been two. I am not trying to confuse anyone. This has now turned into a true journalistic investigation, and, like every investigator, apart from own deductive reasoning process, I need to collect accounts of others. I then need to make sure that those accounts fit the now emerging picture of what REALLY took place in the end of the 1990s and what gave birth to the mystery of the books and the people behind it all.

I want to end the mystery once and for all. But I would like to state the following. People come and ask questions, want to know the details. Some claim to know, but keep silent on any factual information.  They want to know, tell me that the level of fraud needs to be made public, and yet…. they keep silent. The levels of human cowardice, a misplaced sense of loyalty and hypocrisy are astonishing.

Well, if you don’t give – you don’t get. If you want to have the mystery solved – speak up. Add the details, be it the current Nav Series or the past whereabouts of the people involved. It is very easy to criticize, sitting in the armchair and not moving a muscle. In the meantime… the first Stage of the Navs (only the first one!) costs $1500. The price seems to have gone up.

Sure, you don’t care. I do. Fuck all those who are tempted to tell me there is no right or wrong. There is no right or wrong in the Absolute, but I live here, on planet Earth, and everything done here – has consequences and can add to or subtract from the misery. Which one is it going to be? Will you add or subtract?

Kenneth promptly deleted this song from the music section of the IGF.

‘Don’t dream it’s over’  We play, darling, and it’s infinite 🙂

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9 thoughts on “‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’

  1. A friend of mine was contacted by a man in Thailand who had traced the fellow who was responsible for or incorporated Wisefool Press, he owned a new age bookstore in Iowa, close to where Maharishi University is located. This fellow was very involved with TM, as was his father. He wrote a book about the history of it TM in this country. He got married and moved to Florida. His name totally slips my mind.

      1. I don’t think there is any information out there that I haven’t seen at this point. I have a reasonably clear picture of what took place, and the names of the people involved.

        However, those people are not willing to step forward. Some of them are confused as to which person they actually met. ‘Jed’ is the name used interchangeably by a couple of people. If one looks at the Wisefool Press disclaimer – it is true, because Jed is a composite character who indeed does not participate in any teaching.

        People who created Jed – do. It is a business.

        1. Yeah, I get that. The thing that was obvious after reading Tony’s book, was that he was not the author of the Jed books. Probably more of a front man for the operation.

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