Jed McKenna Webs Frozen

As some of you know Kenneth ran his first forum a few years previously. When the IG forum opened, he left the front page of the old forum open, with a link to the IGF as well as an email address. It served as a pointer to his new forum, and the email address captured more potential students.

As of yesterday (10.09.17), has been frozen:

10.09.17 Jedmckennawebs Frozen

I wanted to leave a record of this, because there is no date associated with this closure, but I know it was functional a week ago or so, which means the new development only occured in the past few days. states two reasons for freezing its websites: 1. Violation of Terms and Conditions 2. Copyright Infringement

I like seeing Kenneth’s movements on the current IG forum, but if it were to be closed as well, it would force Wisefool Press to open some communication channel, such as placing contact information on its website. Why? Because Kenneth needs web presence to continue with his teaching, and in absence of solid proof that he is the person behind any ‘Jed McKenna’ forums  – there are always grounds for demanding their closure.

Demand the closure, and Wisefool Press would have no choice, but to provide some visible form of contact for him.


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