Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

The result of Jeddism is destruction of ability to think and question, but not in the way it should have been destroyed. Most of you have been fooled into willfully parting with the one and only tool that sets you apart from other animals: your Mind. You gave your Mind to another and let it be manipulated and sculptured into what was not yours to begin with.

‘Nothing matters’ does not mean passive acceptance.

‘Do not care’ does not mean lack of involvement.

‘No Self’ does not mean a physical absence of you.

‘No others’ does not mean a physical absence of other humans.

‘Disappearance of the world’ does not mean annihilation of the world out there.

‘Gaining the universe’ does not mean obtaining God-like power.

Stop taking these statements literally, for they are nothing but concepts, mere shadows of a personal subjective experience that is impossible to translate into words. Everything, absolutely everything is SUBJECTIVE in this world. How can one translate what a smile of a child makes them feel? What your personal toothache is like, can you put it into words that make it accessible to another? What one sees when observing the sunlight piercing a leaf? What it feels like when the loved one is dying and there is nothing you can do in the face of inevitability?

No human has ever left their humanness behind, and if you met someone who has none – it means they simply didn’t have much to start with. As Kenneth asserts in Module 4 of his Navigator Series:

“I’ve written before that if you were a jerk pre-T/R you will still be a jerk post T/R. In fact, you may even become a bigger jerk”.

This is certainly correct from my experience.

What I am writing here are also words and, thus, have no power. What these words describe – has not been lived by you and so has no meaning to you, is locked out of your conscious awareness. This is why I wanted to show the facts. Facts have the power to enlighten and clarify. The facts here have burst quite a few bubbles. Feelings (not emotions! they are not the same!) have the power to guide and point to the direction in which one needs to go. Words have the power to bewitch and mystify, to shroud Reality in fog.

Reality never needed and doesn’t need words. Reality = Truth, and Truth = Reality. There is no two, there is One. The one Reality and Truth you are living.

I know what some of you are feeling after having read the EM. You are feeling gutted. For me the process of unravelling Jed’s story was taking place in the course of 2.5 years; it was not sudden and so hasn’t packed the punch. You have come across this and absorbed a large quantity of Reality in a very short space of time. It probably hurts.

You will get over it and will become wiser as a result.

In my poem writing days I once wrote this below. I doubt I will ever produce another poetic expression. And I doubt I will ever speak again, once this story is completed.


What do I feel?

What if feelings and words don’t go together?

Words are invisible droplets of sound,

A torrent of noisy muteness hitting the ground.

Nothingness of declarations

Love and hate, empty exchanges leading nowhere…

Words, failing the story of body and mind ache..

Words, words, words… the biggest mistake

Of humanity; spitfire roasted emotions

Expressed as a sound wave in all its absurdity…

Do I not know another language of feeling?

My arms holding you in silence and meaning..

Do you feel my eyes

Speaking to you? A throbbing sound of soul,

So enchantingly naked, this true conversation…

What words can replace a sense of elation

When you smile at me?

The language of this Universe in the wind..

In the gentle caress of your hand..  in a kiss of a child…

Words fail the feelings… words, the feeble construct of the Mind.


Pink Floyd, who recorded the process of waking up in minute detail, said this:

‘For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals
Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination
We learned to talk’

Correct. The song below was deliberately made into a neurotic, jiggered cacophony of  sounds. This is the sound of Humanity when it opens its collective mouth and attempts to give the world, this Reality – a description, talking about it instead of being it.

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15 thoughts on “Words, The Feeble Construct Of Mind

      1. there is only one interpretation: “If you meet a buddha on the road, kill him!”…old zen saying…the answers cannot be found outside yourself…period

        1. You said ‘and the same goes for you’, but it doesn’t. People find it hard to believe I never saw Jed in that way. And that was not why I was on the forum. But it is ok, people project, nothing more to it.

          1. the same goes for you and this blog, is all that means…your view of enlightenment is just that…your view, another buddha on the road to “kill”…an now it is time to move on from here as well..

          2. Oh, that’s good to know, really.

            Find your own, then there will be no need at all for any books, words, blogs etc… My mission is nearly at an end. I have done what I set out to do – let others know and let them find their own buddha – themselves 🙂
            Bon voyage 🙂

  1. from time to time i browse jeds rants section on his forum. i find the posts of the ridiculous – how they go gaga on their whatever high experiences, confirming each-other. at least some are quite eloquent.
    more and more i think it’s nothing but a psychological trick, like you convince yourself you’re dead and than you do things you normally don’t have the guts to do because now you already died.
    but those… after all the neti neti they go on praising those experiences.
    some time ago after some “advaitic” pondering i felt like i was the only existence, alone, and everything inside or outside, a phantasm, my phantasm. and any communication felt only like talking to myself.
    i carry on with life as i can, but there’s this doubt lurking in my shadow, there’s no one to talk to.

    1. There is certainly an element of self hypnosis in all this, which is why ‘they’ as you say – go on praising their high experiences. These are the humans who never ‘got’ it.

      Those who do – sit quiet. There is nothing extraordinary, all very mundane, because life in general is mundane. Can get quite boring in the absence of highs and lows.

      As for being the only in existence… I have this feel every day. Still only a temporary mind/body state, not real. One can take a bunch of drugs and instantly find themselves in alrenative realities or completely devoid of any – in an instant.

      None of this has anything to do with what is.

  2. Hi Tano,

    You say Kenneth has realised truth but where are the facts, what are the facts ? From what I have read here on your blog and in the first half of Jed’s book (couldn’t go further, too much fake shit), I’ve not one fact that makes me think he’s “truth realised”. You say yourself that words have the power to bewitch and mystify (in books, emails, forums and even coming directly from someone’s mouth). The facts that I have until now make me simply think that there are (one or) two humans that just wanted to make money, from the beginning, from the first book. (A simple look at the wisefool press site shows one big fact : a lot of dollar signs.)

    By the way, if behind “Jed” there are two human beings, is the second one, Peter, also “truth realised” ?

    To my eyes, I see two frauds that have read a lot of spiritual shit and have used their knowledge to write stories that can attract people to sell them words.

    Still in my eyes, a “truth realised human” is not scared about anything, “Jed/Ken/Pet” is scared by a whole lot of shit.


    1. Cedric, My take is that the TR state is relative to how one was before. He’s realized compared to his asleep days, and he may be more so in the future. He’s not Ramana Maharshi. So there are “deeper” realizations I would say. How someone experiences fear, the equanimity in the face of fear, is distinguishing for TR versus pre-TR life, but fear I suspect doesn’t simply go away. Maybe it’s rare. But to not be scared about “anything?” I haven’t heard of that.

      1. Furthermore, I don’t find his TR to be fraudulent. In spite of knowing his biography now, I still find his books relevant. I found Dreamstate, his latest that I’ve read, more subtle than the books preceding and instructive at my state presently. So even though he’s writing to get my money (which I don’t mind spending, I’m not angry about him being an immoral man, sad yes, angry no) he’s useful because he’s further down the road than I am.

      2. Let’s say that being “truth realised” means having realised that there is nothing to realise.

        It’s very easy with words to say “I’m truth realised”. But is it true ? What are the facts ? I don’t believe people just on what they are telling me, I must look at their behaviours, the way they are functioning.

        By the way it’s absolutly of no importance for me if “jed/ken/pet” is/are truth realised or not. It’s change nothing for me. I’m just curious. What is true and what’s not ?

        It’s so easy to mislead people.

        But of course, as I like to say it myself : “Don’t believe me”. 😉

        Everybody has to find out by himself.

  3. Hello,

    On the subject of “Jeddism” (in your article) and how you have explained especially the following points :

    1. ‘Nothing matters’ does not mean passive acceptance.

    2. ‘Do not care’ does not mean lack of involvement.

    3. ‘No Self’ does not mean a physical absence of you.

    4. ‘No others’ does not mean a physical absence of other humans.

    Two questions spring to mind and I wonder if you’d have any comments on these.

    1. Did Jed fail to explain the above 4 points, in the books? My answer, since I have asked the question – would be – no.
    2. Why so, then, these 4 points needed re-explaining?
    Did Jed’s – understanding – ‘improve’ – change – become clearer or something else?

    1. 1. Yes, he failed to make it absolutely clear, and in the last point made an opposing statement: no physical universe and, subsequently, no others. This is in clear contradiction to the lived direct experience of every human being. This is why his readers keep breaking swords over those points.

      2. Jed’s understanding IS becoming clearer, but some old spiritual dogmas are hard to kill. He is human like all of us, and is on his own journey, like all of us.

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