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It was expressed to me that introduction of Peter Sweeney as another player in the ‘Jed McKenna’ should result in further investigation and more details added to the story. Of course, his presence is only new to you, as I have been looking at the man for a while now. I would like to state the following.

I have demonstrated the links of the two men to Wisefool Press beyond any reasonable doubt.  There is no doubt in my mind that both Kenneth McMordie and Peter Sweeney contributed to the ‘Jed McKenna’ franchise. In what way their collaboration in the book writing process took place – will always remain an unknown.

Anything beyond this stage involves pure speculation and is impossible to verify. No matter what other facts, if any, may come into the picture in the future, it will remain a speculation, unless one or both men decide to disclose their respective participation.

I do not deal in speculation. The investigation went as far as it is possible with the limited resources and own ingenuity. It is clear that Kenneth is a man who has an interesting past and interesting present and who chose to live on his own terms, away from  expected custom and tradition. It is also clear that Peter is a family man surviving in this world just like the rest of us, and his choices are more in line with general norms.

I belong in a non-traditionalist camp, and this is why my path crossed that of one ‘Jed McKenna’ half. Despite any suggestions to the contrary there has never been any personal relationship or a desire for one. I saw someone who is extremely close to my inner perception of the world, and as stated way back – will always love that part of the man. However, as I said to my son once… ‘If you ever commit murder – I will love you regardless, but do not expect me to cover up for you’.

If you want to set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ for my further ‘Jed McKenna’ research – be my guest. But why would one bother? None of it has any bearing on the fact that enlightenment in the way it is served to the general public – is a whole lot of crock shit, born in the mind and served to the mind. This is why humans will always chase own tail.

If this simple truth does not register with some – go fuck yourselves, it should make for time better spent :)))))

Not my problem.

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Love ya, see ya mwahahaha

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5 thoughts on “Love Ya

  1. Well, that was fun and still open for a sequel next season! And, at no extra charge, a season finale with a therapeutic sharp stick in the eye. Seriously, thanks for the hard work as well as the entertainment. I’ll continue to follow your blog with or without the Jed adventure. Take care.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t be suprised if the real plot twist happened to be that this page too is one of Jed’s (Kenneth’s) (Tano’s) workings. Everything is Jed McKenna and this was all done on purpose to kill the Buddha. The ultimate sacrifice of the invisible guru. Or indivisible? 🙂

  3. It’s interesting, part way into Damnedest it began to strike me that “Jed McKenna” was a contrived character and did not exist. It actually didn’t matter to me…I liked what I was reading and whoever was behind the character was encouraging the reader to think for themself, let go of the need for a guru and find their own way….the anonymity didn’t bother me either…having spent the past 30 yrs in a 12 step program written by 2 men with a questionable past. Early yesterday I read a piece in “Tricycle” by Stephen Batchelor the former Buddhist Monk who left guru yoga over the tradition of honoring the guru and swearing loyalty to him alone over the teachings. This quote of his jumped out at me when I read the article.

    “The validity of a teaching has nothing to do with the qualities of the teacher. All that matters is whether, when put into practice, it can effect a real change in the way you live.” Stephen Batchelor

    I found your blog entirely by accident after reading the Tricycle piece…it’s all very interesting…but I’m left with the question: does any of it matter?

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