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When I started the EM website, the only purpose was to share what I came to know about a man here in Cambodia who runs the IG forum. At that time I knew nothing more than his physical identity: no name, no past, no previous associations. As more information was coming in, the picture became more complex. The details about Kenneth McMordie’s past became known. The identity of Peder Sweeney whose name was mentioned many times before was uncovered. Documents were read and people’s accounts recorded. It was time and resources consuming enterprise.

I also wanted people to contribute as much as possible to this search for the real picture. A tiny minority did, with an open mind and the same wish to know the real facts. To those – my sincere ‘thank you’.

The majority, however, engaged in a witch hunt. Some openly said ‘She can take it’, and I did, ignoring the nay sayers and keeping on with what had effectively become a full scale investigation. I was looking for nuggets of true information among the chorus of unconstructive, unsupportive voices which contributed nothing but noise.

The interesting thing is that none of those who made it into a drama – contributed one single valid fact to this investigation. Not a single one of them presented anything that could be added to the clear picture. All that came from their side was creation of more and more muddled drama. It was surprising for me to see that people were simply unable to say very plainly ‘Here, I know this, see if you can look into this information further and let me know what you think.’

That would have been constructive and of value, but I was naive to expect this level of maturity.

Now that the cat fights have subsided, and the virtual keyboard warriors are gone back to living their lives/battles elsewhere, let’s recap what is known.

1.There is no definitive proof as to whether Kenneth McMordie is/is not connected to Wisefool Press or that he participated/not participated in writing the books. I am aware that the camp is now divided as to his involvement. Neither has any conclusive evidence to support what is essentially another belief. I would drop trying to hoist either conclusion at this stage. Any stories circulating at the moment are unverifiable.

2.There is evidence that Peder Sweeney is a real physical entity with a connection to Iowa and Wisefool Press, who participated in the books production. There is no definitive proof that Peder Sweeney wrote the books.

3.It is entirely possible that the name ‘Peder Sweeney’ is an alias of the sole author of the books who is otherwise known by a different name.

4.It is also entirely possible that Peder Sweeney is merely a front man protecting the real identity of the author who could be the third man.

From the above it is clear that any firm position regarding the authorship – is entirely speculative at this point.

The Navigator Series were produced by Kenneth alone and are representative of the TR state. It is irrelevant how his particular life story unfolded; truth realisation befits all kinds of individuals.

Some people got disappointed in the wake of discovering Cambodian realities, which resulted in placing the Navigator Series on cloud box for free distribution. However, theft is theft regardless of who one is stealing from, and as stated before – I personally object to this.

I had been warned a few days in advance that the EM content would also be taken. I was also aware that the investigation hadn’t arrived at any conclusive proof and needed a different, ‘on the ground’ approach. Those were the main reasons for closure.

I didn’t want the theft, because at the time people were encouraging me to write a book on my discoveries, which, in retrospect, affected my judgement. And I didn’t want to continue publishing until I was sure beyond any reasonable doubt.

As it stands, the content was taken anyway, and I lost interest in the book project (although never say ‘never’). I am aware of those individuals who have the site copies.

I also made the mistake of sharing the information with others, which led to double dealings and games. Beware those who seek your friendship, NOT those who want absolutely nothing from you. There is much that took place behind closed doors, from which I learnt a valuable lesson: if you want to get to the truth of anything –  go it alone. Completely alone.

The EM will run solely from this principle now, just as it was when it started.

At this moment in time I have no new information regarding the previously published material. The site will be restored in its original state which should take a few days. It will silently transmit the information, as was my original intent. Should new things come to light – I will not alter the original articles, but place a review on the website. Alteration of the originals distorts the factual reality of how the events unfolded.

Some people will be unhappy with this decision. The reality is that the existence of the EM is inconvenient to BOTH Kenneth and Wisefool Press, for different reasons.

Knowing Kenneth’s past endeavours may prompt some people to re-evaluate their relationship with the IGF man. It could affect Kenneth’s business, although will not remove it completely; such is the strength of human co-dependency and a push to look for answers outside of self.

Knowing that the EM speculatively suggests a possibility of connection between Cambodia and the US may prompt Wisefool Press to make a more assertive, less ambiguous stance on the existence of the IGF.

The nebulous disclaimer makes the ‘real Jed’ complicit in perpetuating the fraud in his name, IF the fraud is indeed taking place.

Back to the drawing board.

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12 thoughts on “Back To The Drawing Board

  1. Do you have an email where I can reach you? Just got the impulse to somehow write you…

    Kindest, Sofia

    2017-10-05 20:26 GMT+02:00 ENLIGHTENMENT MYTH :

    > Enlightenment Myth posted: “When I started the EM website, the only > purpose was to share what I came to know about a man here in Cambodia who > runs the IG forum. At that time I knew nothing more than his physical > identity: no name, no past, no previous associations. As more informati” >

  2. So good to see you back to the drawing board.

    Every instant is a going back to the drawing board. Every moment is a fresh start. 🙂

    The past is always bullshit.

  3. Hi, just to say well done on all this, it’s a very fascinating read, and something I’ve been hoping for for a while.

    Got a couple of questions: 1. In your emails with Kenneth, did he make lots of errors and typos, etc like Forum Jed does all the time? 2. Do you think it would be at all interesting to look at the times Forum Jed posts and compare them to a) when people in Cambodia are generally asleep; and b) times that Kenneth was emailing you?

    Cheers. 🙂

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