Message Reply: Trauma And Enlightenment

I had a long and thoughtful message from someone. It touched upon trauma (both the correspondent’s own and his perception of mine), the human experience, the teachers who talk about joy, connection to enlightenment, ‘Jed’. Below is my reply in all entirety, unedited. Make of it what you wish.

Thank you for your (long) message.

You are correct. Trauma is real and was experienced by every human. Without exception. You, me, the neighbour next door, our parents, the presidents and the kings. From the moment you are born – you are subjected to traumatic experiences.

Now.. ask yourself why this is the case. WHO perpetuates trauma?

You talk about this chap Gary and his expression of joy. How do you know about Gary’s everyday existence? How do you know that joy is all he experiences? Like other teachers – he is behind a computer screen, talking about what is essentially wishful thinking. The idea of permanent joy is very appealing to humans. Can you sell them the fact that life will always be about joy AND suffering? That one cannot exist without another?

You also talk about feeling immense love on your retreat. And? I felt many things: from stomach aches to what they collectively refer to as Unity Consciousness. And? Those are temporary mind/body states. They come and go, are part and parcel of human experience and have nothing to do with being ‘enlightened’. They will always be present, for not to experience anything means one is simply dead.

En-light-en. Light means seeing things clearly for what they are. Crystal clear awareness, without wishful thinking. Unfortunately, when all the masks are seen through and when all the lies have been uncovered, the remaining part is not about ‘joy’ or ‘saving people’ (what gave you this idea? I write solely for myself) or absence of self (another carrot of self-hypnosis)…. what is it about then?

Look at the world around you and tell me what you think of humans.

Regarding ”Jed’.. his first books were clear-cut, but he should have never written them. Once the words are on paper – there are people who will pay and will follow. It is just the nature of the Human Condition: the herd instinct.
Why did he write them? Look at the first proposal chapter. He is no fool. Everyone needs to eat. it is a business, a clever, brilliantly executed business.

Regarding Kenneth – I would like to find this other American chap, because I feel both are supporting the illusion and benefitting in the process, but while I laundered Kenneth’s dirty underwear in public.. the other chap got away with it. I would like to execute some restorative justice, to equalise things between the two. Whether this happens or not – not sure. I am short of finance (to go further means travelling and research outside of the internet) and time.

Regarding my own trauma.. I am no exception. Unlike those teachers who pretend their lives are perfect – I have no such aspirations. It is not perfect. It is just what is. Right now it is comfortable, and without any major impending disasters. Having said that – I own no possessions and befriend no humans.

Why? Look what humans do to one another. Even this blog was a perfect demonstration that anyone raising their head above the parapet – will get shot.

My regards.

P.S. I know Alan Watts. He is one of the clearest humans. He had his own problems as you might be aware. No one is free. Get that.

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11 thoughts on “Message Reply: Trauma And Enlightenment

  1. Nice to see you still posting. 🙂 I have one question and one agreement. The question is, who’s ” this other American chap”? This is the first mention I recall of yours of “the other chap got away with it”. The one agreement is that you said: “I … befriend no humans.”

      1. I read that link you provided prior to today. I have skimmed over it, reading to look for this “other chap”. I see no other chap, only a straw man. SO, is this a straw man? I’m thinking of this now, that you are attempting to create such a
        thing as a saving grace. Please be specific, what/where in your post “Back To The Drawing Board
        Posted on October 6, 2017 by Enlightenment Myth”…. where is mention of this person I’m seeing as but a ‘straw man’?

        1. My post is clear – it is as yet an unknown, because there are no clear known facts.

          What stawman are you talking about may I ask? Any initial proposition without underlying facts is always a stawman until the facts come into being. It is called ‘a working hypothesis’, and in my post I suggest a couple of such hypotheses.

          There is a physical enitity that wrote the books.

          Joe, you were one of those who created much drama, up to and including your suggestion to lock me up in a mental institution ( I have the copy of course). If you continue with the same intent here – I will start deleting your comments.

  2. Where did I suggest what you said? I have no knowledge of such a thing that I said or implied. If I wrongly did, then please allow me to know what and where were these words implied – so that I can explain how with my intentions, such implications were not implied by me, but only inferred by you. My intentions have always been to respect your intentions. Agreement, IMO, is not required, only respect is required and intended by me. If I have failed to respect you, then please tell me how I have failed, and give me the opportunity to explain and apologize as needed.

    1. No apology is needed, Joe. It is very simple on my side: you are driven by your emotional state of the moment, whatever that moment is. This makes you unstable and, frankly, dangerous to yourself and others. It is not malicious, and I do not see you as malicious. But I see no self control in you and a lot of suppressed angst that is always on the verge of explosion. That makes us rather incompatible in terms of communication, which you know already (well, I hope you do).
      I wish you the best.

      Admission of own fuckups (to self, not to me or others) is only of value if one learns from those.

  3. This can be done in private, or publically here. As you wish. You know how to contact me: email, – Facebook, B Joseph Kotrich – BJosephKotrich – Skype kotrich.b – Oh, I just opened skype and it seems I’m my Microsoft name of B Joseph Kotrich there now also. I’m a bit confused about that, but we’ve Skyped before so you know how to skype me already.

  4. hahaha, you make me laugh. “angst” haha, you’re funny. No. Not that. Only my first thoughts/impressions, unfiltered, honest, sincere. IMO, you are locked in the prison of your own thoughts. AH, as we all are! I like it. (Smiling) “unstable” YES! Although I have a more personally charitable way of seeing it, I don’t disagree with you. “no self control” Yes, I agree, more like shoot from the hip, moment to moment no one here, only residual samskaras, imo. 🙂 I’m still having fun this. You’re more fun here than you are in person, imo. Your turn my almost friend. 🙂

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