Jed McKenna Podcast With Jasun Horsley.

I was asked by Jasun Horsley to do a podcast on Jed McKenna.

Jasun is a British writer, podcaster and an original creative thinker with a penchant for exploring the workings of the human Mind, which he does with much sincerity and tolerance. His website is a feast for both the mind and the eye.

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I haven’t spoken to Jasun personally, apart from the podcast content and some email exchange, mainly of the logistics nature. However, we have one thing in common: realising the cult-like nature of spiritual teachings and those who sell them. Jasun was much involved with the praised guru John de Ruiter (a Canadian by coincidence, what’s with these Canadians huh?..).

While my involvement with ‘Jed McKenna’ was nowhere near the same scale, I can certainly recognize the signs of mind control. The insidious ways in which it takes over, slowly, tenderly, sometimes pushy and exciting and sometimes disinterested and cold, all designed to form a glue-like bond with the human puppeteer.. and it does not matter what the name is, the result is the same: the control of one mind over countless minds of others. But you think you are free of course.

This is one of the reasons I agreed to the podcast.

There is an old saying ‘One cannot step into the same river twice’. For me there is no interest in own thoughts and utterances once they left this body/mind. Hence, I did not listen to the recording after it was completed. But for those interested here is the link:


Note: Some links to John de Ruiter:

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10 thoughts on “Jed McKenna Podcast With Jasun Horsley.

  1. If I didn’t know better I’d say it’s a shame when ideas of what “enlightenment” is supposed to look like appear to keep it from happening. Seems to most often be the case. Although I’m getting clearer all the time. This was a nice reminder.

    PS. You’ve a very nice voice N and I knew I liked your personality. Guessing I’ll use that for a reason to drop by on occasion. Hope all is well with you.

    1. And if you wouldn’t mind terribly deleting my comment Ness as it would aid greatly in this last step of forgetting the whole thing.

  2. I went home to the lake house I was born in for the first time in over a decade. When I got there my house was gone, like not there. Then went into town to another place I spent years growing up, also gone as if it never existed. Now I’m processing all of this, the last 3-5 years or so spent searching for this special thing. Years in discussion racking my brain trying to figure it out. I mean you know me Ness I tried hard and…it never existed. All mental masturbation. I even for the longest time thought I’d figured out workings of the mind, thought I had been making progress with that as well only to see more mental garbage. The group has disbanded. I’m still trying to connect with something even here now and for what? Why do I think I should connect with you over the neighbor? Maybe familiarity or something but really I’m processing alot and the mind won’t really cooperate any longer. It’s telling me that if I won’t give up that it will. I’m seeing I’ve got to let this go. For good. I’m just not sure about anything anymore. Usually very confident but everything seems so transparent and unreal I’m really trying to come to grips with that. More than anything I’m just really watching the castle crumble again and I’m not in such a hurry to rebuild it this go around. It seems full circle has come and what a relief/disappointment. This is it. I’ve just got to sit with it for a bit I guess. Thank you for the space Ness. I won’t take up all of the comment section any longer lol. May get the urge to shoot you an email sometime in the future. Who knows. Just know that I very much appreciate you. J

    1. Once an old woman I knew died. Within weeks her house, her possessions, her personal belongings that I knew so well – were gone. Sold, given to charity, and what was of value – taken to auction. It was many years ago, but it was the first time when the transience of our being, this life – was truly hammered home to me. Just as you said – all gone, as if she had never existed. And in the same way as yourself I had to process that on a very deep level.

      It was a sobering experience.

      It IS the full circle, but more of a spiral.. one flies over the same ground (same issues, same questions etc) but each time higher and with a new understanding, hence, perfecting the vision. It crumbles many times… until one day the bubble bursts, and all falls into place, becomes very clear in the mind.

      The spiral will continue, but the intensity, the questioning, the uncertainty – will be gone. Nothing left to crumble.

      You are always welcome here, J. You have no idea just how much you have grown since I got to know you. A changed man.

      1. In regards to something you said in the podcast about survival mechanism. The seeing of this stuff can push people to the point where they no longer value life. No self being a cause to give up and or let go. “I see no self so I have no will of my own” type of bullshit. “Further” as if they were enduring some form of torturous drudgery. A perpetual battle with Maya. Trying to keep her in check…in fact I was sitting around feeling pretty sorry at watching point break again (hey Johnny! See ya in the next life.)

        That’s when I realized there is still something there beyond mere survival mechanism! Whatever I am. I don’t want finality. Physical or otherwise. I dont want the seeing of “truth” devoid of love or cause. I want love, adventure, challenge and drama give me lots of drama!

        There may be no point to the spiral but I’ve got nothing better to do til I reach the end of it. For me it’s not about the ability to endure this thing but the damned will to live! You’ve got to love this or you’re already dead.

        1. The more one gets up close and personal with the inherent emptiness of being – the more full they become and the more viscerally and intimately they experience the wonder of Life.

          I love life, J. It does not have to have a purpose. Life is purpose itself, and aren’t we all – that?
          So yes, drama is what keeps us afloat and what Jed referred to as a bored Atman that needs excitement, and if there is none – it will be created.

  3. lengthy interview. took me about 3 days to listen.
    it made me think (i can’t remember which part) that awakened life is more or less like watching a tv show.

    1. Yes, lengthy. I didn’t realise it was running well into two hours. Lack of experience with things like that.

      One part of awakened state is indeed akin to watching a show, because one is able to step aside from any situation and see it as an observer rather than a participant.

      And another part is being fully engaged in the situation. This comes from accepting any outcome, be it conventionally positive or negative. No expectation.

      I found that holding many perspectives at the same time is a natural manifestation of Clarity. Nothing is ever black and white, all is relative and without solid foundation.

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